Mar. 20, 2009


Last fall I mapped out a patio garden on my computer. On the first day of spring, my mind drifts back to those plans and thinking about putting them in action. My brainstormed ideas include:

Tall teak bar stools to ensure a view over the concrete railings and to create a place to sip lemonade, eat popsicles and munch on Foodie inspired sandwiches. This pick is from Authenteak.

Plantings of...


Ferns and Other Succulents

A rhododendron in a planter to add soft texture.

A snowhill hydrangea for fullness.

Honeysuckle on a trellis for height.

Pictures via Hostas Direct, Shed Style, Hmptuition, and Honeysucklecott.

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  1. So I realize this totally dorks me out, but what else is new .. came by to see what was new at the Stripes blog and saw this! Love that chair .. and as for flowers.. I saw this thing on TV about Dahlia's and they seemed crazy interesting and some had a line down the middle and were different colours on either side, it was pretty cool!