Sep. 19, 2010


One of my favourite things to do when staying in hotels is to sit in the big windows and drink in the city skyline. Greg's in Ottawa for business this week, and I know that if I was accompanying him, I'd be doing that right now. Images via Noukka Signe and Alice.

Speaking of things people do in hotels, my brother-in-law, Chris, started this website a few years back - cool idea huh? Legend has it, the idea to compile photos of people jumping on hotel beds came from noticing how many photos people upload those sorts of photos on Flickr. Do jump on beds in hotels?


  1. Funny, my hotel room in Ottawa has a ledge just like the one on your blog. Wish you were here sitting on it wife-y, miss you tonnes!

    That's true about Chris' bed jump blog. I was there when he made it -- took him about 10 minutes. He said it was going to be a hit and I laughed at him. He laughed too...all the way to the bank.

  2. P.S. Chris, if you're reading Katie's blog, I'm going to do some bed jumping tonight. :)

  3. I miss you too! Mwah to you :) I hope you're having a great day at the National Gallery. Grab a bowl of soup at The Black Tomato if you get a chance.