Jun. 21, 2010


Feeling inspired by Julie and Julia, and made fortunate due to a fantastically gifted cookbook from a dear friend on the occasion of our wedding, I'm planning to cook (and experiment) my way through rebar's modern food cookbook over the next year. I've been slacking on my kitchen adventures for the past few months and I'm keen to get back to trying new things.

Jun. 12, 2010


While wedding photos will be profiled here in the coming days (we promise), it seems fitting now (post-event and all - so we're not spoiling the surprise for our lovely guests) to share some snaps of the various creative elements we wove into our day.

You can learn all about our sources of inspiration here.

Jun. 7, 2010


We've been gone far too long - heaps of apologies for the radio silence! But we're married (for 16 days now). And it's swish. And lovely. And I highly recommend honeymoons. We'll be sharing all the details of our special day here, so please do stay tuned.

I've returned from our honeymoon reinvigorated for some new projects that germinated over many delicious dinners (think Bouchon in Yountville and Swell in San Francisco and Bin 941 in Vancouver). While my musings and plans are decidedly in the incubation phase at this point, I'm feeling inspired by weddings and design boards and DIY businesses and creative industries. I'll be sure to share more as my thoughts focus.

Greg and I are also feeling inspired by the likes of Cook St. Helena. I'm feeling the urge to make my home, and my neighbourhood more specifically, exactly the sort of haunt I want to happen upon, instead of just waiting for someone else to nurture such.