Aug. 3, 2008

Sample Homemade Inspiration Board

Here's an example of one of my Homemade Inspiration Boards.

Items profiled above:

Sample DIY Inspiration Board

Here's an example of one of my DIY Inspiration Boards.

DYI Projects profiled above:

Sequins Bride

Who she is: girly, glossy, glittering + glamourous.

Wedding descriptors: elegant, posh, formal, traditional + romantic.

Her dress shopping experience: fit for an episode of Say Yes to The Dress.

Her groom: her prince charming + ballroom dancing partner.

Their dream honeymoon: an epicurean adventure in Paris.

Images via Once Wed.

Horizontal Stripes Bride

Who she is: stylish, sustainable, sunny + simple.

Wedding descriptors: fun, quirky, energetic, modern + unique.

Her dress shopping experience: vintage shops, up-and-coming designers + local boutiques.

Her groom: her best friend + tree-climbing mate.

Their dream honeymoon: a biking adventure in Berlin.

Images via Style Me Pretty.

DIY Wedding Consulting

I'm a DIY wedding consultant specializing in inspiration boards. If you're looking for help pulling your wedding or other special event into focus, you've come to the right place.

To get started, you might ask yourself: am a Horizontal Stripes bride or a Sequins bride?

I offer a range of services, four options of which are outlined below. If you're looking for something different, please feel free to get in touch to discuss. I'm always happy to help and take on special projects.

To discuss, please contact me at

Option 1: DIY Inspiration Boards (see sample)

Who you are: A bride or groom looking for an original wedding with many personalized touches who envisions wielding a glue stick or paint brush throughout their wedding planning process. You're not afraid of arts and crafts. You're looking for some ideas that you can personalize to help get you started on this process.

What I do: Chat with you on the phone or via email to discuss the type of wedding you're looking to create and to help you articulate and discover your design aesthetic. Following that, I will provide you with an electronic inspiration board of DIY projects, complete with instructions, that you can complete with your bride or groom, attendants, friends or family.

What you do: Send me an email or telephone me to discuss your wedding vision, your level and experience with crafting and identify any specific sorts of projects you'd like to undertake to personalize your day (for example, pew ends, programmes, or favours). Once I hand over the inspiration board, you'll put our joint vision into action by making the various DIY projects to prepare for your special day.

Option 2: Event Inspiration Boards

Who You Are: A newly engaged bride or groom in the beginning stages of planning who is looking for assistance to help shape a vision for your day. You plan to hire traditional vendors, such as a banquet hall, florist and photographer, for your day and are looking for a launching off pad to aid in your early discussions with your vendors to help visually describe the look and feel that you're aiming for.

What I do: Engage with you over email or the phone to help you realize your dream wedding. Ask you questions about colour, texture, theme and atmosphere to help decipher your goals for your wedding day. Pull together an electronic inspiration board for you that reflects our conversations. Include images of such as dresses, venues, DIY projects, stationary and inanimate objects that together create a clear vision for the event.

What you do: Over phone or email, describe any preliminary ideas you have for your day, as well as any specific elements that are on your must-have list. Answer any questions I might pose to help solicit information to help bring your ideas into focus. Print and use the inspiration board to help in your discussions with vendors throughout your planning process, and to help keep focused on a coherent theme for your day.

Option 3: Homemade Inspiration Boards (see sample)

Who you are: A bride or groom who loves the DIY-look but who lacks the time to pull that look together on your own.

What I do: Get to know you over email or the phone to help determine what defines your ideal wedding day and discuss ways to bring that vision into reality. Source vendors online who create homemade goods that, when taken together, help to create your vision. Help you find other peoples' completed DIY projects that reflect your personality.

What you do: Provide me with your ideas and budget. Use the vendors included in the inspiration board provided to purchase homemade items that will help make your special day unique and personalized.

Option 4: Menu Inspiration Boards

Who you are: Someone who is looking for some menu help in planning a small wedding or another wedding event such as a shower, rehearsal dinner, bridesmaid lunch or gift opening. You are cooking yourself, or are hiring a chef to prepare the meals for you, but are looking for some ideas on how to pull a great menu together that fits within your wedding theme.

What I do: Discuss with you over phone or email your tastes, level of formality and budget, as well as preferences such as organic foods, seasonal menus, specific must-have ingredients or allergies, to help determine the sort of meal that would best suit your event. Pull together an inspiration board that takes you from hors d'oeuvres and cocktails, to amuse-bouches and main courses, to dessert and aperitifs. Recipes will be included.

What you do: Provide me with a description of the sort of meal you'd like to be able to provide, as well as any preferences or limitations you might have (i.e. hosting a wedding in a remote location). Use the inspiration board and recipes to help plan a meal for your family and friends to enjoy.


Services for all inspiration boards range from $50 to $250 depending on the scale and scope of your project, as well as the level of specificity you require. Boards that provide me with more creative freedom and flexibility tend to cost less as they're easier to scope and compile. I accept payment via Interac money transfer, personal cheque and PayPal. For further information, please email me at

I'm so excited to work with you on your project!


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