May 31, 2009


Over the past stint, I've caught the odd episode of Jamie's School Dinners. Though lacking in the sensationalism and glitz of American reality television, I think the revitalization of the experience of school children and daily meals that the show depicts is important. I support Jamie Oliver's food revolution. 

When I was in grade school, we didn't have a cafeteria. Instead, I took a packed lunch, went out for  lunch with my dad or travelled home to eat lunch with my mom or my grandma and cousins. However, for those children dependent on subsidized meals, making healthier meals with a greater variety of ingredients can only help to improve childrens' attitudes towards eating and widening their food preferences. 

If you happen to catch the show, it offers an interesting discussion of how childrens' exposure to food at a young age impacts their future views on nutrition. As a civil servant, the story line on how public priorities and resources are prioritized, and decided upon, is also a familiar reality. 

May 30, 2009


Though my recent purchase - a Cupecoy Design clock - is a rip-off of George Nelson's Sunburst Clock, I love it as if it were an original.  


As wonderful coincidence might have it, my mother arrived in Edmonton last night for a work conference. Though she's busy with executive meetings for a few days, she's scheduled a longer foray in the City of Champions so we can catch up. We're planning to check out the delicious Culina Highlands! Greg and I are also travelling to Vancouver with my mom to introduce our mothers. 

My mom lived in Vancouver for four years in the mid to late 1970s, so I'm excited to check out the town with someone who has a distinct past but scant recent recollection of the city. I believe her last visit there was in 1990 on a stopover to Hawaii.  Expo '86, the revitalization of Granville Island, the population boom of the 1990s, the shiny condo trend and now the construction of the 2010 Winter Olympics have all had a major impact on the footprint of the city. I'm curious if she'll recognise the town at all. 

It will be fun to stroll Kits Beach where my mom celebrated her 19th birthday and take in the breathtaking Sea Wall in Stanley Park. Apparently there are also plans (mother dictated) to walk across a suspension bridge in North Vancouver (though not the Capilano, rather the Lynn Canyon). 

I'm super happy to have these few weeks to spend together. Image via Le Love

May 29, 2009


This cake makes me wish my birthday wasn't ten months away. Image via Heart of Light.


I know it isn't good for me, but I love chipotle mayo. For a recipe see here. Image via Martha Stewart.

Update on May 30: I definitely ate chipotle chicken quesadillas at the White Spot last night. 


May 28, 2009


A classic 90s tune I was reminded of today. Image via Paper Tissue.


I think this 20 layer screenprint, entitled 'Les Quatre Coins de la Terre', would look beautiful hung over a white mantelpiece against a white wall. Painting via Coup.

May 27, 2009


Light fixtures I'm lusting over...

All fixtures via DWR.

May 26, 2009


I've told you about my crush on elbow patches and my thoughts on wearing corsages for events beyond the prom. How about making boutonnieres for events other than weddings? Check out Fritts Rosenow Bespoke Boutonnieres for some environmentally-friendly alternatives to flowers.

May 25, 2009


I'd trade skinny jeans anyday for this fantastic wide leg loose pair. Delightful. Jeans via Mike and Chris.

May 24, 2009


After replenishing the ice cub trays in our fridge, I'm reminded of a cute find at The Tin Box yesterday - Gal Pal Retro Ice Packs. Aren't they super cute? I think they're the perfect remedy for a headache, sore knee or bumped elbow. 

May 23, 2009


We're having one of those lazy-in-front-of-the-tv-watching-B-movies-and-eating-ice-cream evenings. It's the perfect chaser to reading in bed in the morning and milling about Old Strathcona on a hot afternoon. Happy Saturday! 

Image via Paper Tissue


Romy pretended to have invented them on Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion, the Project Runway Canada designers made dresses out of them for charity auction last season, and one of my former employers prohibited their use - I'm talking about Post-Its. Post-Its are displayed all around our home. Greg and I use them to write messages to each other when we're travelling for work. It's become a fun tradition to write messages to each other and post the notes throughout our apartment so that the other can find them while we're away. 

This author in Singapore places one Post-it note of 'Things We Forget' throughout the city every day. The random messages help spread sunshine and positive reminders to those who stumble upon them. These are messages of how to best live your life; check it out. I know I often need these reminders. 

May 22, 2009


This evening, Greg and I decided to cap off a stressful week with steaks at The Keg. My bland diet dictates no red meat, so I feasted on mushroom balsamic chicken. It was delicious. To celebrate the night out, I turned to the most fail safe outfit I own. For me, a great date night outfit includes:

1. The Citizens of Humanity Kelly Bootcut Jeans that I splurged on at Holt Renfrew;

2. A black and white striped turtleneck that I bought for $10 at Smart Set; and, 

3. Carlos Santana Patent Leather Wedges that I wore to graduate from Queen's (the ones pictured above are actually Steve Maddens). 

This is my uniform (though I would change out the shoes for Chuck Taylor's or Keds for a more casual occasion).


HGTV finishes a close second to Slice for the most frequently viewed channel in our house. A few evenings ago, while wasting time watching The Stagers followed by The Unsellables, Greg announced that he doesn't like watching television shows about staging homes for sale.

Though it came as no shock that he might dislike my television monopoly, his reasoning for disliking those shows in particular - because the design isn't permanent - was surprising. When someone stages a home, it is to close a deal. This explains why air mattresses are put in bed frames - to give the illusion of how someone might live in a space. Seeing how someone actually lives in a space, or prepares to live in a space, has an appealing human element. This said, I also think that watching how a designer or realtor interprets a space to maximize what will appeal to the broadest range of people, is interesting.

Watching Sandra navigate someone through the purchase of their first home on Property Virgins feels like an education for young professionals like ourselves, taking in how to find a great rental property on For Rent is a reflection of our daily lives, and absorbing ourselves in the excess of Million Dollar Listing is just plain entertaining. I enjoy the personalities behind and in the design.

Staging turns a room like this...

...into a room like this. Images via Portico Home Staging.

However, Canadian and American staging has a long way to go to mirror Swedish staging. For an example of what I mean, check out Alvhem. These realtors certainly take staging to the next level.

Take for instance, the placement of a sweater on an armchair.

Or a high-end shopping bag left in a corner.

Or a half eaten piece of cake next to a coffee mug.

Or a half drunk glass of wine on a dining table.

These pictures make it seem like the person living in the home has impeccable modern style, is neat and has just popped out for a moment to collect something at a nearby market. I'm a sucker. These photos are trying to sell an illusory lifestyle, and I'm lining up to buy it even if Greg thinks it's temporary.

May 21, 2009


Here's a great new song that I'm loving. Image via Lolita.

May 20, 2009


I adore food styling and photography, and I like to be organized. These two urges leave me loving pantry organization - not that I own a pantry - but the cupboard above my stove acts as our pantry. For now, that cupboard is close enough.

Above our stove sits a collection of jars filled with sugar, flour, rolled oats, popcorn, pasta, icing sugar, chocolate chips, breath mints and rice. I'd love to expand our stocked grains and baked goods to include wider varieties of rice (a necessity due to my newly imposed bland diet), steel cut oats, buckwheat, nuts, caramel chips, cocoa powder, raisins, a variety of coffee beans and loose teas, and couscous.

For lots of recipes for many of these grains, see here. For a great list of staples to keep in your own pantry, see here. I highly agree that no kitchen is complete without extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, broth, pasta, garlic, onions, milk and parmesan cheese. I also think display jars are a great addition to any kitchen. Image via Apartment Therapy.

May 19, 2009


I've shown you the perfect outfit for a future son, so now here is the perfect outfit for a future daughter. View Katie's blog for more amazing creations. I secretly love these outfits for myself! These designs move way beyond wishing I had the skills to follow a pattern


A long weekend in the fantastic Jasper National Park requires no wordy recap; instead, here is our photo diary of Victoria Day Weekend 2009.