Oct. 31, 2011

Playroom II

I'm getting cold feet about cladding a wall in the playroom in wallpaper. Instead, maybe a collection of twoems abstract prints would provide sufficient visual interest and colour?

We're also thinking of placing a davenport in the room to double as a place to watch movies, hold sleepovers and host guests. In terms of specifics, I'm loving this couch and this one too.

Oct. 28, 2011


Our guest room is going to go through a metamorphosis in the coming months from cozy rest place for visiting family to a play space for our boy (we'll move the guest space to our present third floor den). Right now I'm in the inspiration gathering stage. I want to include a child sized table and chairs set, fun wallpaper, and a rotating art display place (plus lots of storage and white walls). We'd also like to keep things as green as possible by purchasing recyclable cardboard large toys such as this play hut, where possible, though I have to admit I'm feeling tempted to purchase this play kitchen (which is presently available at a floor model discount from a local shop). I know Thomas won't be ready to play with the kitchen for awhile, but some of my happiest memories are playing with my toy kitchen as a child. Plus Erzi makes the most amazing wooden play food. Speaking of play kitchens, Kids on Roof also has a fantastic cardboard version. Plan Toys table and chairs via Baby Naturopathics, city wall paper via Studio Nommo and art work line via Ikea.

Oct. 26, 2011


I'll admit it - I inject a fair amount of my own style preference into my son's wardrobe. When shopping for him I look for anything striped and bright solids. For this reason, Thomas can normally be found in striped stretch pants. However, I am keen to add variety to his wardrobe, particularly as he gets older and is able to make his own style choices. When he's able, I plan to present him with a few outfit options each morning so that he can decide what he wants to wear. I hope it will teach him to make simple decisions and express himself.

These onesies would be a fantastic addition to his wardrobe of solid diaper shirts and woolen sweaters. As I browse the site's offerings, I'm curious to know which graphics appeal the most to our little guy.

Oct. 24, 2011


We'll be introducing Thomas to Shakespeare with this Romeo and Juliet counting book - so amazing!

Oct. 21, 2011


With the arrival of week eight, a playful boy emerged from our sleepy newborn. At two months, Thomas' homemade mobile intrigues and his wooden toys delight. His current favourites? An Ikea play gym, Wee Gallery art cards, and the ever-popular HABA Kringelring (I'm smitten with all things HABA).

Oct. 5, 2011


... a few more of our sweet boy (he'll be seven! weeks old tomorrow).


I've been told that I look like I should wear glasses (apparently women with heavy bangs seem to fit with chunky glasses). A few years back, Greg and I were browsing for new frames for him and I took some time to try on a few pairs (just for fun). We found that many unisex frames suited us both shockingly. At the time, Greg tried to convince me to buy a pair with glass to wear as a fun accessory, but the steep prices combined with the fact that I can barely stand wearing sunglasses resulted in me never pursuing that purchase. However, Spexclub is so affordable that I'm considering buying a pair for fun (is that weird?). I love Andy in purple.

Oct. 1, 2011


Thomas' library expanded today with the addition of Where's Walrus? A stunning illustration only picture book, the beautiful images allow the reader to invent her own words to accompany the actions depicted on each turning page. I'm hoping it will ignite the storyteller in Thomas when he's older. For now, Greg and I are left narrating the story.