Sep. 30, 2010


There's a strong List It contender in our Love It or List It adventure (which I'd love to update with grey clapboard and a mustard door). It offers a basement, den, an extra bathroom and an extra bedroom - all for a very reasonable price tag. Eeek! Deciding on our next step is nerve-wrecking.


Speaking of awesome food illustrations, this is my new must have coffee table book. The Geometry of Pasta is perfect for setting out for your guests to peruse when hosting an Italian dinner party. Image via Black.White.Bliss.


This Kate Sutton illustrated recipe is genius! I am jonsing for some banana-walnut bread now. Found for Orange Beautiful: Scoop.

Sep. 29, 2010


Young Me is a fun site where people reenact photos of themselves from the past. I once did this with my cousins (but sadly don't have the side-by-side photos electronically available to share). This also reminds me of a project I saw at SFMOMA where a photographer photographed a group of sisters for a more than thirty years to show their transformations. Found via Swiss Miss. Images via Young Me.

Sep. 28, 2010


I'd like just a little more time to read good books. Do you ever feel that way? While I'm feeling perfectly capable of balancing all my commitments right now, I haven't seemed to prioritize literature (which feels sort of sad for a former English honours student!). Do you have any habits that you've fallen out of? I'm curious to hear tips on how to reincorporate the pursuit of the great novel into my day-to-day (beyond the obvious, pick up a book and read). Image via Simple Lovely.

Sep. 27, 2010


Ballet class starts tomorrow night and I'm super excited! Image via Soft Serve Girl.

Sep. 26, 2010

Icon VII

Kirsten Dunst (I love her!) in stripes, with skinny jeans... my muse for every fall (summer, spring and winter) weekend. Image via Pandora's Inspiration.


This more we delve into our Love it Or List Adventure (no decisions yet!), the more I find myself daydreaming about new rooms to decorate (I am so in love with Lara Hedberg Deam's home). These 'And I Love You She Said' posters fit the bill, for sure.

Sep. 25, 2010


Tonight, in honour of a big accomplishment of Greg's (news forthcoming), I'm treating him to celebratory dinner at the Epicurean Kitchen. The Kitchen opens only once a month and the menu is a mystery of local and Italian influences (tonight at least!), but I'll be sure to share a full review of this mysterious establishment after we're experienced such. Image via The Shakhanovite Twins.

P.S. I'll be wearing a fab black and blue silk top from Model Citizens snagged this afternoon on an impromptu shopping trip at the tail end of a walk all over town.

Sep. 24, 2010


Tonight's dinner menu consisted of apple, turnip and brie soup from Red House Soups (delicious!) with a side of Mad Men and ice cream sundaes for dessert. I love Friday-evenings-in with my husband! I'm also super excited to see which soups will be posted next for purchase. Image via Red House Soups.

Sep. 23, 2010


This is my dream stereo. 1960s styling with 2010 functionality? Perfect.

Sep. 22, 2010


On my night stand currently? Francois Lelord's Hector and the Search for Happiness. Part self-help book (surprisingly to me) and part novel, it's a cute read and after the first few chapters, I recommend it (even if only to gaze at the beautiful cover)!


Upon his return from Ottawa, Greg presented me with the most beautiful, colourful clock - an Ultra Thin Wall Clock by Thomas Buchheim (which is speculated to be the world's thinnest clock). I'm excited to hang it in our home. I love the colours. Thank you, Gregory. Image via Apartment Therapy.

P.S. Today is our four month wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary, Gregory!

Sep. 21, 2010


As Igor rages, I'm dreaming of a vacation at The Ace Hotel in Palm Springs (or a February interlude in Tulum, Mexico). Keep safe friends and loved ones!

Sep. 20, 2010


To me, few things are more romantic than a ride on a tandem bicycle. I dream that one day, Greg and I will use one to transport ourselves back and forth to work. Image via Cheetah is the New Black.


I think I should bake this cake for my half-birthday (which is this Saturday)! I love the flags. Found via Rummey Bears.

Sep. 19, 2010


Since our honeymoon in the Napa Valley, I've been feeling the need to become more knowledgeable in the ways of wine. We've taken steps down this path before: attempting appropriate food pairings, joining a cheese club and selecting a beautiful wine decanter for a Christmas present from my dad last Christmas. However, I'm still habitually sipping Yellowtail Pinot Grigio. Any tips on taking it to the next level? Image via Jill Clardy.

P.S. Anyone interested in going to Wine Fest?


Greg and I love to eat at home around our coffee table, in fine dining establishments and at casual mom-and-pop diners. I'm beyond excited about Raymond's - the newest culinary gem on the St. John's restaurant scene that's set to open this fall in the former Brother TI Murphy Centre. A menu similar to the original Atlantica paired with a location that assists in the further revitalization of East Water? Oh yeah, and a view of The Narrows to boot? Perfect. I'm already considering wardrobe options for a date night there this fall when it opens. Images via The Scope and Signal.

P.S. I'm also keen to try Chinched and am pretty excited about StitchUp - finally someone is recognizing St. John's street style!


One of my favourite things to do when staying in hotels is to sit in the big windows and drink in the city skyline. Greg's in Ottawa for business this week, and I know that if I was accompanying him, I'd be doing that right now. Images via Noukka Signe and Alice.

Speaking of things people do in hotels, my brother-in-law, Chris, started this website a few years back - cool idea huh? Legend has it, the idea to compile photos of people jumping on hotel beds came from noticing how many photos people upload those sorts of photos on Flickr. Do jump on beds in hotels?

Sep. 18, 2010

Jet Plane

Safe travels, my love.


Our magazines have gone virtual. How do you feel about it? Following the cancellation of Domino and Gourmet, a rise in the online 'zine has occurred. I borrowed so many ideas from Nonpareil magazine when planning our wedding. The newest kid on the block? Rue. I'm a fan after issue #1. Image via Rue.

P.S. Rue's about us section is beyond cute.


I discovered the Be Good Tanyas on a Galaxie channel on television. You know, those channels are a good way to discover new artists. I recommend turning one on when you're housecleaning.


Aren't Dante Terzigni's illustrations beautiful? Found via The Seventy Tree.

Sep. 17, 2010


I don't think I'll ever stop wearing my hair without some sort of bangs. I am addicted. The only problem (aside from creeping fear that I'll be one of those woman who styles her hair in a way that is painfully indicative of her youth)? I don't wear glasses.

I've long been told that my bangs look like they belong on someone with dark rim glasses, but I don't require corrective lenses so apparently it is as if there is something missing. Last summer, Greg and I had tonnes of fun selecting new glasses for him, and I tried on so many pairs too, for fun, of course. I've even (embarrassingly) considered purchasing frames and wearing them with clear glass to get this look. This lady is gushingly beautiful. Image via The Senses Five.

Sep. 16, 2010


Tonight my stand mixer will be singing to the tune of thin mints and glazed lemon cookies. What are your favourite cookies? Image via Traci Thorson.

Sep. 15, 2010


I had no idea that office carpet came in so many colours. Isn't this office beautiful and inspiring? I love the spectrum. It makes me want to write briefing notes all day long. Image via 2modern.


This past summer, Greg and I attended one of his co-workers birthday parties. We got to chatting with a comedic couple and the wife took it upon herself to be very candid about parenthood (and marriage... but that's a story for another entry). She spoke without concern for how others would perceive her views on loving and loathing being a mother, and she had us in the fits of laughter. It was funny, because it was true and honest. This photo diary journey shares a father's similar experience. I really appreciate truth in discussions on parenthood. Image via The Year In Pictures.


Welcome crisp air and tail ends of hurricanes. Welcome harvest moons and warm afternoons.

Strawflowers and tomatoes are two of my favourite things about autumn. Design*Sponge. beautifully depicts both. Further, is it strange that spotting a collection of small white pumpkins at the grocery store has made me incredibly excited? I'm now keen to make a strawflower garland and a heirloom tomato salad. All images via Design*Sponge.

Sep. 14, 2010


Work followed me home tonight so blog neglect is the by-product, but lots of fun posts are forthcoming tomorrow! Image via Green Pages.

Sep. 13, 2010


Words can become endangered species and everyday many English words float into obscurity.

As a child, I took it upon myself to teach my younger brother (four and a half years younger, that is) a new word. Continuing our long love of words, as teenagers, my mother would share one new word per day (I think she had a web-service that emailed her the word, its origin and its meaning daily) over dinner and challenge us to put it to use.

This website, Save the Words, offers a similar challenge: adopt a word that is at risk of becoming obsolete/forgotten and use it to assist in maintaining its relevance. The idea is that when others hear it they too will commit it to memory and the word will be saved from endangerment. The site asks you select one word, and promise to use that word as often as possible. Some such words available for adoption, you ask? Solennial (meaning annually), brochity (meaning crooked teeth) and odynometer (meaning a measurement for pain).

Interestingly, in typing this entry, the only words that my spellchecker has flagged are those three words ripe for adoption... sounds like proof of their worthiness to me.


I had one of those really good days at the office (which actually occurred outside the office at a hotel... but that's no matter) that makes you excited about your post. Not bad for a Monday!

I'm feeling in a positive, lets-push-forward and realize everything-on-the-to-do-list mood. I want to capitalize on this feeling and hope it translates into much progress on the garden (including planting a few clematis, painting our greying stone patio and painting our wooden planter a la Door Sixteen).

Fall 2009 brought our engagement, winter 2010 brought wedding preparations and a new job, spring 2010 brought our wedding and summer 2010 brought the honeymoon phase. I'm less certain what 2011 will bring for us, but there are many possibilities and all excite me.

Sep. 12, 2010


Next weekend, I have the house to myself and have decided to host a cookie swap. One invitee suggested serving champagne, which I think is a great idea. Do you have a favourite sparkling wine? I'm a Yellowglen Pink lady myself.


The Drung taught us an important lesson: we're open to living outside the city centre (provided the new location offers us ocean views and close proximity to a beach from which to launch kayaks). While I am still keen on locations like Cornwall Avenue and Carpasian Road, we're also now open to properties or land in Portugal Cove-St. Philips.

P.S. To further confuse things, now part of me is saying, let's buy a small, simple house in the city and splurge on a summertime cottage like this one. Image via My Newfoundland Kayak Experience.


As the pendulum swings back to considering a renovation to love our current home, I'm curious, could a renovation like this one be completed on our salt box? Three stories would certainly solve our space issues. Image via Robert Mellin.

Sep. 11, 2010


The question I'm pondering on this sunny Saturday as I prep to head off to purchase groceries: when does imitation become plagiarism in art? Damien Hirst pushes us to consider this.

I am always collecting inspiration from style, design and lifestyle gurus about my web travels, but am now curious, when does this go too far? While this imitation may not be a copyright violation, how much respect do we as a society lend to intellectual property in the arts?

Exhibit A: First, Peter Bialobrezski's photo of the Napu Bride in Shanghai and then the copy from Horst and Daniel Zielske.

Exhibit B: Otl Aicher's 1972 Munich Olympics designs and Ivan Navarro's florescent light interpretation.

Exhibit C: Annie Leibowitz's Vanity Fair Covers and their inspirations (by Linda McCartney and Irving Penn's Ballet Society. Images and further musings via Flavorwire.