Feb. 27, 2010


There's a huge pothole in front of our house that makes me nervous (flat tires make me cringe). Pete Dungey's pothole garden solution sounds like the perfect fix. If everyone planted a garden in the pothole in front of their house, the city's roads would be a botanical garden. Images via Erin Ever After.

Feb. 21, 2010


These wooden brooches offer inspiration for the style and design elements of our wedding. Love! To check out the full collection, visit mhl.


Last year, I discovered the joy of the silk scarf for work. Now a black and grey horizontal striped (surprise!) scarf has regular rotation in my work wardrobe. With an equally healthy dose of various black sweaters in that same wardrobe, I've been curious to add more colourful silk scarves. It is this pursuit that leads me to share a great resource for finding such scarves - Posh Vintage. Above are some of my favourites right now.

Feb. 20, 2010


I am going to be a Mrs. soon, and I have the hanger to prove it! With the soon emergence of me as Mrs. Clarke *gasp*, Mrs. Lilien caught my eye. This great blog explores the life of Mrs. Lilien - a woman of many hats. She's a flamboyant soul who is witty, fearless, and extravagant. She's the older-bolder-brighter-wiser version of the coolest person you know. The blog's inspiration boards explore her various facets. I dream of being Mrs. Uptown! and chuckle at the thought that in each of her reincarnations, Mrs. Lilien can be found in 4 inch heels.

What type of Mrs. are you?

Feb. 14, 2010


Happy Valentine's Day Greg. I love you with my whole heart. You're the perfect man for me to marry and I'm ever so excited for that day. Thank you for your friendship, support, companionship and love. Image via Design*Sponge.

If you're awaking to a panic of how to make today special for your loved one and/or your little kiddos and/or your best friend, there are some super sweet ideas here, here, here and here. You can print your own valentine from home here, order your sweetie a garland of the month subscription, or send this blog address to your parents to remind them that you think of them too on Valentine's Day.

P.S. Our wedding menus (well, rather the inspiration for them) have made it to the top round up of wedding menus on 100 Layer Cake!

Feb. 13, 2010


This poster by sfgirlbybay would look great in my office opposite the Stendig.


Like a ladder, Duckworth and Water Streets in St. John's town are linked by alleyways. The hills of our home make alleys more staircases than places to unload wares for funky shops. If I worked downtown, in a big city, I imagine I'd cut through an alley just like this one with a danish in hand to get from one office to another for a conference call, or to escape midday to a park to eat a chicken, mushroom and havarti panini. Image by loveroni via Oh Joy!

Feb. 11, 2010


This hall table from Design Sponge, and these dresser knobs from Anthropologie inspire me to combine for a similar DIY storage space for our foyer.

Feb. 9, 2010


The perfect combination of planning tool and visual interest, my office makeover will soon include the placement of a Stendig Calendar on the void of a wall between my filing cabinet and bookcase. I am confident it will make a great addition to the multiple cacti and succulents, and framed neon sign photos, that now define my workspace. I recommend Shed Design Store (the site of this purchase). The Calgary shop has been very accommodating in bringing the calendar to me. Image via Shed.

Update, February 20: My Stendig arrived via courier yesterday. I hung it in my office. It is great!

Feb. 8, 2010


Isn't this bouquet perfection? Image via Style Me Pretty.

Feb. 7, 2010


Though St. John's experienced a massive snowstorm on Friday, today the earth thawed, the streets ran wild with water, and the snow receded from our stoop. It's only February, but talk of the clocks moving ahead, crocuses peeking their heads from the muddy earth, and lighter jackets has me excited for spring and summer. This fantastic birdfeeder only intensifies the excitement I experience when thinking of sparrows, and blue jays, and robins flying from our lilac tree to our maple tree to our cherry tree. Birdfeeder available from DWR.


When I was young, I discovered a spirograph in my basement that had once belonged to my mother. I recall many fond afternoons spent making circular designs on coloured paper. These afternoons came rushing back to me when I happened upon this party design on Design*Sponge. This feature has me thinking about all sorts of favourite childhood toys as inspiration for parties and events. All images via Design*Sponge.

Feb. 6, 2010


A gift from Greg's mom, we've been indulging our dry, winter hands with Mor Cosmetics' Flower of Narcissus Soap. Delightful! And with the most luxurious scent to boot!

Feb. 5, 2010


I am pleased to see how wonderfully some of our wedding buttons turned out. I recommend Busy Beaver Button Co. if you're looking for fabric covered buttons for your next project. Image via Busy Beaver Button Co.


It's a snow day. Our car is safely in its underground parking spot (yes, luxury!) and we've finally retired home from work, and lectures, and lunch out (yes, all the while 50 cms of snow was falling on our little town!). Though I had visions of calamari with sweet and sour ginger garlic sauce for this Friday night, I've replaced this time with a safer alternative of getting caught up on wedding blogs. I'm particularly excited by upcoming posts on wedding food (an often overlooked element of a wedding IMHO) over at 100 Layer Cake. Image via 100 Layer Cake.


Nonpareil Magazine has launched, and it is delightful. These favour boxes have me particularly smitten.

Feb. 3, 2010


I'm loving sparklers right now. They remind me of summer and BBQ hot dogs and spotlight! Image via A Fish.

Update: Greg is confused by the term spotlight. Apparently kids didn't play hide-and-go-seek at night with a flashlight on Vancouver Island.

Feb. 2, 2010


Am I the only one who often finds her headphones in a snarl at the bottom of her purse? While traveling for a work conference this past weekend, my white ear buds were a constant messy knot in the bottom of my satchel. This Ford commercial reminds me of this enduring struggle. This advertisement also reminds me of my inability to master knots as a Girl Guide despite the fact that I even won a handbook on tying knots at Ranger camp! Image via Ads of the World via Black Eiffel.