Mar. 22, 2010


Greg and I have life doppelgangers. They live around the corner from us. Literally. We have the same names (i.e. Greg and Katie, and Greg and Katie), a similar age difference, and seemingly common lifestyle. However, another surprising connection hit home this past week when we met on the street corner while on an after work walk. Greg and Katie and their brood of kids (four to be exact) stopped to say hello and revel in the beautiful sunny evening. Before parting ways, they called to their son who was running ahead. His name is Thomas. He's precious. Once they were all around the corner, Greg and I looked at each other. We've floated the name Thomas as a potential for a future son! This moves well beyond a coincidence! In fact, I think this couple is more than a life doppelganger, they seem to be our vardoger. It is as if we can experience our life before its even happened. Image via Dalla.

Mar. 21, 2010


Inspired by Blossom and Branch, I held my very own bodega 101 party yesterday (to ring in the big two-six). With a handful of lovely ladies (six, including myself) and twelve grocery store variety bodega bouquets (we're talking approximately 100 stems of roses, gerbra daisies, freesia, tulips, lilies and daffodils), we set out to create our own springtime arrangements. Lots of fun was had by all! Many thanks are in order to my friends for making it a special afternoon.

Mar. 20, 2010


While I have sensible business cards for my 9-5 job, these Anna Bond calling cards would be the perfect fit for my dream wedding planning business that I've recently come around to lusting towards.

My wedding planning business would also be off on the right foot with this address book! Image via Anna's blog.

P.S. Have I mentioned that Anna is the inspiration behind our wedding menu cards (er... wheels)?

Mar. 17, 2010


Happy Birthday Greg (and Chris)! We had a lovely evening celebrating next to our ocean, and I hope you two did as well in Dubai.

Mar. 16, 2010


Hmm... I need to remember this flowchart more often (particularly when I see amazing paper ideas like those from this wedding). Flowchart designed by Heart of Light.

Mar. 15, 2010


This past Saturday evening, over dinner, a good friend and I dished about our upcoming weddings. We shared our invitation concepts and centrepiece ideas, and talked about our grooms' attire. We also uncovered that our takes on the rehearsal are very different - she sees it as a casual time where the bridal party gets to hang out in shorts and capris, whereas I see the event as a full fledged dress rehearsal complete with cocktail dresses, pumps and ties all around.

I haven't found my rehearsal dress yet, but I am already thinking about a bouquet for the event. I've considered making my own from a local bodega or fashioning one from ribbons and bows from my shower or even buying one of Emersonmade's fabric bouquets. But right now, I am loving these brooch bouquets. Aren't they fun? I'd love to borrow brooches from the many women in my family and include them all together. All images via Fantasy Floral Designs.

Mar. 13, 2010


Elbow patches for a little guy? This sweater causes baby fever. For more sweet baby sweaters, see Oeuf.

San Francisco

I'm super excited about our honeymoon! These sights and these colours, oh my! Image via The English Muse.

Mar. 11, 2010


In the winter, Greg and I are too often found TV-hibernating in our living room while snow piles fill our garden. We watch b-movies (often filmed in our beloved Vancouver though it is masquerading as Seattle) and reality TV (I am still appalled that Jake chose Vienna!) and the Office.

People talk about TV, so I justify watching a fair amount by assuring myself that it is a conduit for social interaction. Think: it's 9 am, you meet a coworker in the kitchen, what better to discuss than Republic of Doyle? Television is a common discussion topic at my workplace, and comparing and contrasting our office to Mad Men (which I've sadly only caught a few episodes of while flying) seems to be a regular occurrence.

Have I mentioned that I LOVE modernism? Um yeah, maybe a few times right?

If you add these things all together and blend, you have Albert Exergian's modern TV posters. I'm having a very difficult time trying to decide which is my favourite. Aren't they fantastic?

Mar. 10, 2010


Gregory, this is a hint for what I'm giving you for your birthday. Image via Akbar Simonse.

Mar. 9, 2010


We've finally settled on our honeymoon destination(s)! We're bookending our trip in beautiful coastal cities with stunning bridges (San Francisco and Vancouver) and taking a midpoint relaxation foray in classic (American) wine country (Napa Valley). We love the West Coast and had a wonderful time at Mission Hill in Kelowna, BC last summer, so we thought 'why not do much the same again'? Vineyards seem so exotic to an East Coast girl like me! Plus neither of us has been to SF before, so we're quite excited. Any recommendations are appreciated. Image via ecstaticist.

P.S. We've decided to save the European vacation for our first anniversary!

Mar. 8, 2010


Around these parts (and perhaps elsewhere as well), a few years ago it was customary to change out of your wedding dress and into a suit at the end of your wedding reception to make a grand exit as husband and wife. My mom wore a grey suit complete with red flowing scarf and red pumps! How glamourous, huh?

I love this tradition (despite calls from many girlfriends that I must be insane not to want to remain in my white gown for as long as possible). The idea of Greg and I departing together in a style indicative of our forthcoming life together makes me excited! Talk about stepping out!

We've (I've) decided we want a glamourous look to being our life together. I'll embark on my life as Mrs. Clarke in black patent pumps and this satin fitted little black dress. Mrs. Uptown is my inspiration! I think the black dress will make a great contrast to my diamond white dress and this white ribbon bracelet that my mom is making for me and that will be adorned with a heirloom sapphire pendant from Greg's mom.

Mar. 6, 2010


I love cognac purses. This purse (above) is so worthy of a splurge, though this (much) more affordable alternative is a nice second place finish. What a great way to complete dark denim and a black turtleneck!

Mar. 5, 2010


Sweden - 'Frukost'
United Kingdom - 'Fry Up'
France - 'Petit dejeuner'
Russia - 'Zavtrak'
Canada (well, apparently the US...) - 'Breakfast'

Even on the weekends, we're not real big breakfast folks. Greg typically enjoys an espresso, cappuccino or regular cup of joe, while I'm found sipping pulpy orange juice and eating multi grain cereal. Schwartzwald's photos make me rethink breakfast by showcasing meals by nationality. They remind me of these food flags. Images via Oliver Schwartzwald.

Topper II

This week, during a hectic moment, I opened my email to find a snap of our custom wedding topper waiting for me! The picture was a welcome chuckle in an otherwise demanding day. In an effort to conceal my dress from my groom (because we're traditional like that), I've airbrushed it away. But I promise I'll post a picture, complete with cake, after the big day. I highly recommend Samyii if you're also in the market for a fun way to decorate your fondant, fruit cake (ahem, carrot cake for this pair).