Nov. 26, 2010


Oh autumn, how I love thee. Images via From Me to You.

Nov. 25, 2010


Last night, Greg and I attended our first art auction. It was fun (but long) and we walked home with a new piece (which I think we will display in our dining room). With art on the brain, I'm now enjoying Damien Correll's work. See more here.

Nov. 24, 2010


We officially live in the 12th most colourful city in the world - St. John's, NL - which is perfect for Greg, because his favourite compliment for anything tactile is that it has "great colour". The other colourful city contenders, you ask?

Cape Town, South Africa

Manarola, Italy

and Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway.

Nov. 22, 2010


ZOMG! A Kate Spade-inspired wedding? My head just exploded. This is so beautiful. And now I want even more for our house to look like a Kate Spade showroom. All images via Max Wagner via Martha Stewart.


My holiday grocery list is starting to shape up. I like to have ingredients on hand for delicious, but simple, appetizers. For collection?
  • Inniskill's Dry Riesling with notes of peach and lime
  • Yellowtail Pinot Grisio
  • Miguel Torres Coronas, a red, to pair with hard cheeses
  • Pitted dates, almonds, bacon and blue cheese for bacon-wrapped dates
  • Chocolate covered raisins
  • Mushrooms, baby spinach and Gruyere for stuffed mushrooms
  • Heirloom tomatoes to dip in balsamic vinegar
  • Prosciutto
Do you have any must keep items that help you get through the holidays? I'm so curious. Grocery tote via Mint Lane.


It's a bitterly cold minus three today, which makes it too cold to enjoy my wool pea coat. Sad. Image via Lola is Beauty.

I'm substituting the joy of my coat's shiny silver buttons for the warmth of a hot water bottle (thanks MIL!).

P.S. The wind sure does whistle around the corners of our new house. Sitting in our new computing den, I can hear our 100+ year old home squeak and it makes me feel cozy.

Nov. 21, 2010


As we unpack and decide on a new home for each of our possessions, this is the perfect blog inspiration - Things Organized Neatly!

Nov. 19, 2010


It's Friday. I need lots of get-up-and-go to power through a jam-packed work day and tomorrow's move. Neon Trees is keeping me pumped up!

Nov. 15, 2010


Do you ever get fixated on one food? Though I don't have a favourite food per se, I ebb and flow between favourites from week to week. Right now, I'm hopelessly addicted to sushi pizza (and butternut squash and sweet potato pureed soup). Image via Marz.


Eeek! We're closing our new house in two days! I'm beyond excited, and am dreaming about high ceilings, warm wood floors, and the most stunningly ornate mantle. Image of Circular in winter via Rob Brown.

Nov. 14, 2010


Belt knots are one of my style loves. I've never owned a belt long enough to pull it off, but those knots always look so effortlessly chic. Image via Copenhagen Street Style.

Nov. 13, 2010


With winter around the corner, I'm dreaming of curling up in our new living room with an Icelandic blanket. These blankets are going to give the Snuggie a run for its money. Photos via Kitka.

Nov. 11, 2010

Positions and Properties

Despite owning two homes and having a job I love, I'm still a check-the-MLS and peruse-job-postings kinda gal. Given this habit (which I share with my husband), I've decided to start a new feature here on Horizontal Stripes - a weekly run down (I'm going to aim for Thursday nights) of interesting jobs (in the broad public policy/communications field) and beautiful homes ($400,000 and below, typically) in my beloved St. John's. If you're looking for either, you might be curious to check back. Image via Ade.



I'm in a let's-paint-my-fingernails-red mood, and Greg mistakenly played a Christmas tune this am. Naturally, this is sufficient to turn my mind to the holidays. Last year, I didn't make much of an effort (a tree, a store-bought wreath on the front door and a small holiday party for my immediate family with hors d'oeuvres on Christmas Eve), but I'm feeling more ambitious in 2010.

This year, I'm dreaming about lemon, lime and kumquat wreaths...

amaryllis and paper whites a plenty...

flutes of champagne...

and a show-stopping banister. All images via Real Simple.

Nov. 10, 2010


Isn't Cristian Zuzunaga's pixel furniture amazing? Any of these pieces would look amazing with a white wall backdrop. Images via Cristian Zuzunaga.

Nov. 9, 2010


Greg would argue that I'm on a bit of a rampage with my teeth (I am not - I simply have a few tooth brushes - electric and soft - and toothpastes - anti-cavity and whitening - for different jobs, floss, and some mouth wash). Given this, I am smitten with this gadget that turns your bathroom tap into a water fountain. Genius. Found and image via Design Milk.

Nov. 8, 2010


As someone who is constantly dissecting new topics and distilling them down, and drafting positioning on such topics (as part of my day job, naturally), I love to explore new ways to help people learn and take in information. I have found a wonderful website that mirrors this love: Information is beautiful. Aren't these illustrations wonderful? I could spend hours on this website. Seriously.

Nov. 6, 2010


My cousin Nicolle and her husband Paul have taught their son Izzy to be caring, creative, passionate and kind. I want to help teach the boy to man up and be a winner!

To help in my small effort, please vote Izzy for best Halloween costume. You'll see that he deserves it. Click on, hit blog, then halloween charity event, and do your magic.

Nov. 5, 2010


I'd love a black tutu. So glam.

P.S. I'm slowly becoming (slightly) better at ballet. Image via TrendLand.


I've toured Paris and New York, and love both. These illustrations are a wonderful pitting of two global cities against each other. All images via Paris vs New York.

Nov. 3, 2010


On the weekends (shhhhh!), I have a bad habit of skipping breakfast. Greg scolds me religiously, and pleads with me to enjoy a bowl of cereal, but I just can't shake it. I end up rolling straight from a glass of juice to lunch. Do you have any bad food habits? I'm trying to encourage more early morning munching on Saturdays and Sundays by keeping sweet and savory muffins on hand to enjoy. Image via Channel 4.


What a fantastic round up of white living rooms!

P.S. One of the couches we're considering for our new home is a grey (ahem blue) velvet. I'm excited about the possibility of glamour.

Nov. 2, 2010


Isn't this Dead Drops project cool? Dead Drops is a project by Aram Bartholl (above) in Berlin. Dead Drops is an anonymous, offline peer-to-peer file-sharing network. USB flash drives are injected throughout town and passersby drop or upload files found on the dead drop. I think someone should make one in St. John's! I'm so curious about what types of files are being shared. It seems like the 2010 version of a message in a bottle to me. Images via SwissMiss.