Dec. 31, 2009


Happy New Year and best wishes for 2010! In the coming year, I look forward to sharing my take on DIY projects for our wedding, our adventures into honeymoon planning (to London and Paris... this week!) and my forays into the world of cooking with lemons and limes (the subject of a recently gifted cook book). As Greg and I ring in the new year with friends over fondue this evening, I'll be thinking about all the projects ahead. Image via ckck.

Dec. 27, 2009


This Christmas I have been blessed with endless generosity from my family and friends, near and far. Thank-you to each of you kind souls for your cards, gifts and warm wishes.

As she's far away, I'd like to thank my soon-to-be mother-in-law (MIL) for a collection of very lovely, thoughtful presents, particularly a set of retro earrings (complete with matching broach) that reflect both my love of buttons and my desire to learn about and be a part of my new family's history. Your collection of gifts to me was entirely generous and appreciated. Thank-you.

These earrings chase a similarly themed present from Christmas 2008. At that time, my MIL gave me a pair of earrings that Greg made from bike parts in 1992. He'd given them to his mom more than a decade earlier, and last year she passed them on to me. I was very touched by the gift. I've since decided that these presents, and the tins they came in (one a vintage tin that once belonged to Greg's great grandmother, the other a vintage cigarette case), will be passed along to our daughter or daughter-in-law or niece one day. What a lovely tradition Greg's mom has begun, and I look forward to continuing it.

Our little corner of the world has been aglow with possibility and excitement for the new year over the past few days. Happy New Year to all who might come across this post: many wishes for a happy 2010.


As I gaze at our glistening tree and catch my eyes on the wooden Santa and snowman garland that trims our banister, I feel the beauty of the season.

Katie's carol lyric garlands are so beautiful. These garlands are inspiring my thoughts on our rehearsal party set for this coming May. Wouldn't the last stanza of Walt Whitman's Song for the Open Road look beautiful hanging from our ceiling as loved ones nibbled hors d'oeuvres and danced in our living room?


Our wedding design scheme is tied together with circles that will repeatedly manifest in fabric covered buttons. Above are some of the Purl Soho fabrics I'm gathering inspiration from for our design elements.

Dec. 24, 2009


Merry Christmas! Image via Fine Little Day.

Dec. 23, 2009


While living in Edmonton last year, I regularly visited the library and devoured books at the rate of about one a week. I thoroughly enjoyed spending my lunch hours combing the stacks for a tantalizing read. The Snapper by Roddy Doyle stands out as one of my favourites from that period (I've long loved his work which was spurred by reading The Woman Who Walked Into Doors in the twelfth grade). Now that we're living in St. John's, I haven't made much time to read, let alone to get a library card. Shame on me... particularly as there is a library within walking distance from my office here as well. My commute is now car based, not train based, so reading on the way to work is a luxury I've foregone. I miss it.

In thinking about the forthcoming new year, I must read more. Cereal boxes and Globe and Mail headlines barely count. That I spend a large chuck of my work day reading is besides the point - reading for pleasure is a luxury that I need to fight for. I'm back on to my plan of reading one book per week. Here's to starting New Years' Resolutions early!

Speaking of which, this great overdue book calendar makes my day. I'm feeling overwhelmed by the web these days, and all its expectations of me, so writing with a pen, and noting my schedule that way, seems quite refreshing.

Dec. 20, 2009

Hors D'oeuvre

Hors d'oeuvres: they're on the menu for a small family gathering we're hosting at our house on Christmas Eve. Right now, I'm taking significant inspiration from Real Simple's Recipes for a Good Time in planning for the soiree. We're thinking of serving mini grilled cheese sandwiches with chutney, sausages with honey mustard, and goat cheese and fig wrapped in a phyllo pastry. I'm also going to try my hand at making mulled wine! Egg nog is the obvious chaser. Here's to indulging!

P.S. Grilled cheese sandwiches are a Saturday lunch staple at our home. Here are some great ideas to punch up the classic, if curious. Similarly, if you're looking to enjoy a grilled cheese sandwich at a cafe in St. John's, I highly recommend Sappho Cafe on Duckworth Street. Image of mini grilled cheese sandwiches via Real Simple.

Dec. 18, 2009


The smartest thing a guy can do is hitch his wagon to a star. Mine is named Katie. Congratulations Katie on your new job. I'm so proud of you!

Photo of Sung Shi-yeon, assistant conductor of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, is courtesy of the Korean Times online.

Dec. 16, 2009


Since moving into our new house this past September, Greg and I have taken the scattered opportunity that has arisen to meet our neighbours and acquaint ourselves with the community outside our door. We've collected leaves and chatted about harvest moons, delved into the history of our street and its inhabitants, and hung holiday wreaths and admired their beauty with a neighbour from across the street.

Tonight, Greg and I were invited to attend a neighbourhood wine and cheese at our local Bed and Breakfast, Monroe House. We had the loveliest time meeting more of the residents of our road. I've now been swayed to the joys of the holiday block party. This evening filled us with the Christmas spirit, and has made me ponder holding a similar function this summer at our home. On top of the hobnobbing, the evening provided a gorgeous tour of the elegant property. I'd highly recommend staying at Monroe House if you find yourself in St. John's. Its proximity to Greg and me is a happy coincidence.

Image of lights on Harbour Drive, St. John's by Todd Baker.

Dec. 15, 2009


While browsing Etsy, I came across a bride and a groom (though not paired together) who share an uncanny resemblance to Greg and me. In my humble opinion, either couple shares enough of a likeness to us that people would get the hint if they graced the top of our cake. Though we haven't given much thought to cake toppers, these options are making us consider the possibilities. Aren't customizable cake toppers such a neat idea? They'd also look great displayed for years to come on a bookshelf, night table or mantelpiece.

Dec. 14, 2009


If we'd planned to exchange our vows in Las Vegas, this would have had to have been our wedding photo location. What a fun way to incorporate something old (not to mention my love of neon signs)! Images via Pam Sattler.

Dec. 9, 2009


I'm loving the trend of setting up a 'photo booth' (aka an area with a fun backdrop and perhaps props such as faux mustaches and feather boas) at weddings to snap photos of all your guests enjoying the festivities. See more inspiration images at Our Labor of Love.

P.S. An a cappella version of a song that's inspiring our wedding music right now.


Now this is what I call repurposing! Image via Apartment Therapy.

Dec. 8, 2009


As our holiday calendar books up with cocktails, and dinners, and gift exchanges, I'm gaining significant wardrobe inspiration from Kate Spade - the tights, the shoes, the colours, oh my! What styles are you adopting this holiday season?

Dec. 6, 2009


As with many in Katie's viewing audience, we both have recent (and in one case ongoing) experience with the job interview. A sign like this, courtesy of slushpup, can surely make the appointment a little more bearable?

Stockings III

MOMA has a great array of unique and colourful every day gifts. Above are some of my favourites.

Dec. 5, 2009

Stockings II

Here are some delights for your loved ones this holiday season from my new favourite shop - Fishs Eddy.

Floor plan coasters to serve spicy tuna rolls upon.

Hand moulds to cluster in a display on your mantelpiece.

Farm animal motif juice and milk glasses to use for a hearty Saturday morning brunch.

Loose leaf inspired plates for serving cheese and crackers at an end-of-the-semester party.

Ceramic egg crates to jazz up your baking time.

Fun coasters for your next house party.