Oct. 30, 2009


Sarah Richardson's rule is that children need stimulating, not juvenile, places to live and play. Dos Family has created just that. I love it. I feel ready to make a multi-stacked ice cream cone from playdough, set up a toy train and build a tower of tinker toys just from looking at this space. Aren't the cloth garlands delightful? They seem like something the other Katie would endorse. Photos via Desire to Inspire.


Great interior light, huh? Image via Charla.

Oct. 27, 2009


As our wedding planning begins, purchasing a dress is on the top of my to-do list. This reality, combined with a serious crush on all things Brooklyn Bride, is making me wish there was a Junko Yoshioka studio in St. John's. White walls and soft non-meringue dresses: what more could one ask for? Images via Brooklyn Bride (again)!

Oct. 26, 2009


Greg's asked me to marry him! Since popping the question last Thursday evening, we've been walking around in a smitten bubble. We're incredibly excited that we'll be husband and wife late next spring. Thank you to all our family and friends for your warm, kind words and unwavering support.

If curious, stay tuned for all our planning adventures (and misadventures) over the coming months. Image via Brooklyn Bride.

Oct. 18, 2009


These dresses make me wish we weren't on the other side of summer (and that I had a mane of red wavy hair). All dresses available at Beklina.

Poster XII

It has been far too long without a feel-good poster on this site. Many apologies for neglecting affordable, cheerful art lately. Don't carnivals, ferris wheels and kissing booths make you smile? How about having a circus-themed wedding like these two? Hand printed letterpress available from Roll and Tumble Press.


Yesterday, Greg surprised me with two presents - a turquoise chunky necklace and a hilariously delightful etiquette book from 1948. I've been smacking my lips over its advice and cannot wait to share some of these tid-bits with you. We also came across (and purchased) a fantastic sea foam green mid-century table lamp (photo forthcoming).

Saturday October 17, you were a day full of fun vintage finds. Speaking of which, I'm loving this vintage online shop. This dress is the perfect ensemble for snapping romantic photos like this. Image via Spys Grandson.

Oct. 11, 2009


Before making a trip to Edmonton last summer, I decided it was time to confess my true feelings to Greg. We were debating moving in together and I wanted to tell him that I loved him. In a cheeky way, I made two collages on stretched canvas and hid the message 'I love you' within them. We later hung them in our dining room in Edmonton and now they rest above our bed in St. John's. This is all to say that I enjoy having personally meaningful, DIY art in our bedroom.

Perhaps this is why I'm drawn to this picture display clothes line. It is a great interpretation of an inspiration wall. Image via Decor 8.

Oct. 9, 2009


We're loving our new Saturday routine of strolling Water Street and mingling around Auntie Crae's - the smell of fresh bread, herbs, and cheese - yum!


Here's a snap of our Qualicum love at home above our fireplace. We decided to flank the painting with three meaningful, but simple vases: one from each of our mothers' parents (the Tapio Wirkkala Pollo Rosenthal vase from Greg's family and the turquoise mid-century vase from mine) and a tall, slender, nondescript vase from my cousin's wedding in 2008. I like that they carry memories without competing with the art.


During Christmas of 2007, I discovered Tangled Up in Blue - an Australian bistro on Bates Hill in St. John's. It was instant love and the cafe became the de facto place to catch up with friends on a birthday or random weekend (including playing host to my 24th birthday). While living in Alberta, a friend mentioned that Tangled had closed. I was quite saddened. Thankfully the place underwent a metamorphosis and reemerged as Folly on Bates, a late night restaurant operating between 6 pm and 6 am most evenings. Happily, Greg and I will be joining friends there tonight for a friend's birthday (Happy Birthday Amanda!). I'm looking forward to checking out their new menu!

Here's a shot of me and my dear friends Erin and Elyse at Tangled Up in Blue during Christmas 2008. All other images via Folly.

Oct. 3, 2009


I've recently made a slight career switch which sees me working in the area of climate change and emissions trading. Given my 9-5 occupation, this post from Design Verb via Cup of Jo caught my eye. Doesn't this receipt make you think? I'm curious how far the red onion and yellow pepper I purchased today had to travel to make it to my grocer's counter. It makes me realize that it is worth the effort to start incorporating more frequent visits to a local farmer's market into our routine.


I love Design Sponge sneak peeks. I often spend an hour a week trawling through them to find snaps for my inspiration folder. While doing just that last night, I came across this delightful home of Jean Pelle.