Jan. 30, 2010


Around the corner from our salt box is a delightful mid-century home perched amongst traditional homes with plaster mouldings and stained glass windows. Needless to say, it is our dream property! Confession: I have recently given thought to writing the owners a note indicating our interest in purchasing said home when they're ready to sell. I imagine life in that house would look something like this - Dos Family.

This love of all things modern has found me chuckling over Unhappy Hipsters. The site shows beautiful images from Dwell magazine, and offers humourous analysis of the emotions being experienced by the residents in the photos.

"Even in your company, I feel so alone".

"The Things that once so defined him - shag carpeting, Room & Board sofas, monogamy - now suffocated him".

"She had this uncanny way of making him feel so, so small".

Jan. 25, 2010


Our wedding font is Calibri. While I'm typically a Verdana or Tahoma user in my day to day musings, Calibri in lower case had immediate appeal when I began designing various elements of our paper concept.

Speaking of typography, check out this quiz to determine which typeface best suits you. The password is 'character'. Despite tendencies otherwise, I'm pegged as new alphabet! A font without curves, it is limited to horizontal and vertical lines and is almost illegible. I'm still mulling over the psychoanalysis to determine if it's fitting. Image via Except.

Jan. 24, 2010


How amazing are these felt pillows? For a full tutorial, check out Purl Bee. Delightful!

Jan. 23, 2010


This has been a hit on my Facebook page, so I thought it fitting to place here too. Flow chart via San Francisco Food Blog.


Right now, I'm drawing significant wedding inspiration from this Style Me Pretty From Inspiration to Reality, and this song.


I think this blog - Cannelle Vanille - is my new favourite source of food photography inspiration. Delicious. I'm keen to try crispy mushroom, potato and blue cheese galette and pistachio pavlova with lemon curd. Yum! I sense cooking adventures in my future.

Jan. 22, 2010


All my shoes and boots have salt stains; this is a historic pet peeve of mine. There are snow drifts surrounding our car. And our shovel finds permanent placement next to our front door. Despite these weather realities, I'm drawn to Toms. For every pair you purchase, one pair is given to a child in need. I'm particularly enjoying the striped and silver sequin varieties.

Update from Saturday, January 23: I tried to purchase a pair of shiny silver sequined Toms today, but the shop was all out of my size. Boo!

Jan. 21, 2010


I've been thinking about wearing a bracelet on our wedding day. Normally I think of bracelets as a hindrance (namely because I spend a large portion of my day typing and the click clacking on my keyboard is twitch-inducing), so the idea of wearing a bracelet signifies luxury! These Anthropologie options are very swoon-worthy.

As an aside, here's my new blogging tune.

Jan. 16, 2010


I'm loving the licensed Alexander Girard items from Urban Outfitters! As I consider decorating my new office, I wish UO shipped to Canada.

Jan. 15, 2010


I've seen patrons often dump wasabi in their soy sauce! Tisk Tisk. This cartoon makes me wish I wasn't constrained to a bland diet. I miss munching on a spicy tuna roll. Cartoon via Swiss Miss.


With purple on the brain, and a new job set to begin on Monday, I'm thinking this smart jumper would make a perfect Friday dress! To purchase, see a touch of vintage.

P.S. I've been spending all night making these.

Jan. 14, 2010


Last evening after taking a meandering walk about town, Greg and I settled on having peppered salmon and garlic roasted potatoes for dinner. Though super simple, the potatoes were divine. I highly recommend this recipe for process, but suggest you toss the roasted potatoes, before serving, in a small wedge of garlic butter. Yum! I'm excited to make them again soon. Image via Moonate.


I've spent a very large portion of my last paycheque on paper: purple paper to be more exact. Although paper is the traditional gift for a first anniversary, it is making a major appearance in our wedding design scheme. This means whenever I see a great DIY idea that's paper intensive, my inner planner says 'me too'.

Though not made of paper, I'm loving emersonmade's creations. The flowers remind me of paper, and no doubt that's why I'm immediately drawn to them.

I'm loving these coursages as an accent to a basic pencil skirt and v-neck sweater, and I adore them for men. Who says men can't make boutonnieres a routine part of their work wardrobe? (Speaking of which, I am excited that one of my stocking stuffer presents for Greg, a striped and polka dot pocket square has made it into rotation). All images via emersonmade.

Jan. 13, 2010


Aren't these moustache and smile sticks wonderful? What a fun addition to any party and a great prop for wedding photo booths! Image via Smitten Sticks and sticks available for purchase here. While you're surfing, why not check out the sticks' use at a sweet wedding in Hollywood here.

I've recently brainstormed an alternative to wide smiles and handlebar moustaches, but its reveal won't occur until our big day.

Jan. 12, 2010


Design Sponge has just posted a Comox Valley City Guide - home of our first painting! We'll be sure to reference the guide on our next trip to Vancouver Island. The snap above was taken on nearby Qualicum Beach in a rainstorm last July.


Over lunch today, a friend who I too infrequently see, Karen, shared a great company for work and play dresses. I am looking forward to adding a few frocks for the office and our honeymoon! These dresses scream romance in London and Paris (at least to me). Images via Shabby Apple. Thanks for sharing, Karen!

Jan. 10, 2010


If money were no option, I'd rent 60 different modern iconic chairs for our guests to sit upon while they enjoyed our reception. In lieu, we're finding other fun ways to bring our love of chairs into the day. For the source of the above photos, see here.

Jan. 7, 2010


To what is Willis referring? Katie asked me this today on Duckworth Street. Well, that's not quite how she put it: it was more like this. Her impression needs some polish but it's not bad at all!
Photo courtesty of electricghetto.com.


This is what I call amazing wedding photography. See all the award-winning photos here at Junebug.

Jan. 6, 2010


Tonight Greg and I celebrated public broadcasting (yes, this means the CBC where I started my radio career 10 years ago!) by watching Dragon's Den (complete with a host of Canadian celebrities) and the pilot of Republic of Doyle. It was incredibly fun to see the many scenes filmed only steps from our very house.

After running into an acquaintance who is associated with the show at a shop downtown this past weekend, we became aware that the call for hundreds of extras for the show will go out again this spring. Here's to hoping we somehow fit the bill!


I have a soft spot for all things Scandinavian. I spent a lot of time this fall monitoring events surrounding the Copenhagen climate change conference. I have a growing love of DIY. I think recycling is super important. This combination of traits, opinions and activities has me swooning over these decorations from the Danish Embassy Christmas Party. Government, intergovernmental relations, decor and celebrations - four of my favourite things all combined into one. Isn't this decor delightful?

The reused coffee filters and paper flowers on the handrail are absolutely beautiful. They remind me of these collars from the other Katie.

For Scandinavian street style inspiration, go here.

Images via Design Sponge.