Jun. 25, 2009


Tonight I've got a date with my suitcase to pack for our two week road trip across Alberta and British Columbia. These snaps are my travel inspiration:

Images via Garance Dore and The Sartorialist.

Jun. 23, 2009


In the summer, I like to listen to R&B and urban music. Here's my prediction for the summer song of 2009. Image via jasonsrobb

Jun. 22, 2009


I've yet to tired of this Metric tune. Image via Lolita


While browsing the Antique Mall on Gateway Boulevard last Sunday, Greg and I stumbled upon two mid-century fiberglass bar stools. I thought about the pair all week and am delighted to report that we welcomed the stools to our home on Saturday. Thankfully no one else snatched them up before us. Our stools remind me of these stools, minus the hefty price tag. I've got plans to restore the fibreglass shells and spray the bases with rust-proof paint.

Speaking of great design finds, check out Edmonton's Izm. I am struck by the beauty of Hypnotizm (a bench).

Jun. 20, 2009


Greg and I are thisclose to purchasing a Modernica Rocker. As for colour, we're considering baby blue, moss, mustard, jadeite or white. Thoughts?

Also, isn't this Modernica bed amazing?

Jun. 19, 2009


Dear Golden and Horizontal Stripes share fashion sensibilities. I adore these ensembles. If you like these looks too, check out her shop here

Jun. 15, 2009


This morning, in typical Monday fashion, I threw on a favourite outfit - chunky green beads, a black v-neck t-shirt and a flouncy green and black skirt - to head to the office. I need simple on Monday mornings. For me, Monday is not a time for fussy buttons, stilettos, or pressed blouses. It also helps that it has been super hot in Edmonton over the past few days, which makes my outfit solidly work appropriate.

As I've gone about my work day, I've been enjoying my black t-shirt more and more. I like that the sleeves aren't short or tight, but yet the body of the shirt isn't baggy. I truly think I could make a uniform out of this t-shirt. I'm feeling very inclined to buy more of these American Apparel t-shirts in forest, navy, asphalt and white.

Speaking of uniforms, check out The Uniform Project. Beginning last month, this woman will be wearing one dress for a whole year to raise funds for the Akanksha Foundation's School Project to fund uniforms and other education expenses for slum children in India. Her daily outfits reflect the creativity students find when required to wear a uniform to school. Of all the ways she's worn the dress so far, here's my favourite.

Jun. 14, 2009

Poster X

This reminds me of something my grandma might say. Poster available from Farouche

Jun. 13, 2009


Last weekend, Greg and I, along with our mothers, explored Vancouver. We soaked up  the sunny days by strolling the Sea Wall, munching on a yummy breakfasts at the hotel, browsing Granville Island, hiking in Lynn Canyon, and strolling the pier in Steveston. Everyone had a wonderful time. We also enjoyed getting caught up with my aunts and cousin. They had some interesting tidbits on what impact the Olympics is going to have on daily living in the city and in Whistler. All in all, it was a truly delightful way to kick off summer with some of my favourite people. I think I speak for everyone in saying that. 

Jun. 12, 2009


I've told you about my love for trying new restaurants, reading food magazines, watching food tv, learning to cook, and even food photography. I have a new food love - the cutest blog - Raising Foodies. This Texas family's journey into celebrating food with little people in tow is a great idea. The stories are inspiring.  Image via Raising Foodies

Jun. 11, 2009


I just saw this post on A Cup of Jo and immediately fell in love with the idea of Braid Wednesday. How fun is it to have a routine of braiding your hair mid-week? Check out the Flickr group here. Image via She Speaks Oceans.

Also, I am quite excited to discover that the other Katie has children's patterns in the works that she hopes to put up for sale this fall (not that I have children, but I love her patterns!).

Jun. 10, 2009


I have a confession: I have never stayed up all night to watch the sun rise. I know it is a quintessential adolescent thing to do; movies are chocked full of scenes of youth partying all night, watching the sun rise from a hill top and then sneaking in the back door to hopefully avoid tipping the parents off that you didn't come home the night before.

I am certainly not rebellious. I have however, taken early morning flights (think 5 am departure times to attend conferences and travel to visit friends) and have seen the sun rise while on a plane. Given my sleep and work schedule though, it seems more realistic to pencil in plans to watch the sun set rather than rise.

I relish sunsets. As Edmonton is quite far north, the sun hasn't been setting until after 9 pm lately. Last night, my mom and I caught a stunning sunset that washed the high rises of downtown in a flaming orange light. The sky was streaked with pinks, reds and oranges. The skyscrapers looked something like this:

Photo via Eyebex.

I am making myself a promise to pay more attention to sunsets. They're a beautiful facet of life on the prairie. I would love to watch a sunset over the glacier in Banff National Park at Glacier View Inn or on a hot air balloon. Sunsets will have to make up for the fact that I still haven't seen the Northern Lights.

Jun. 9, 2009


A few weekends ago, Greg and I soaked up the sun (when it finally came out) at a friends' son's birthday party. Before heading over to their backyard, we reused some wrapping paper to conceal the present. For those curious, we gave the little tyke The Story of Ferdinand and Alligator Pie. Selecting from the paper and shiny bag collection we've amassed in our apartment since last January has left me thinking about all sorts of ways to wrap presents.

Like many, I truly enjoy giving people presents. In thinking back, I recall a multi-item present that I gave to my friend Lesley many years ago that included a map in the card. The countries where her presents had originated were highlighted to pique her interest before opening the packages. Coming up with fun ways to present birthday or holiday presents is half the fun. However, I often end up procrastinating and wrapping presents only moments before I head to the celebration.

In an effort to stimulate my creative juices, here are creative wrapping ideas I found via Real Simple.

How about wine bottles wrapped in dish towels? Why not make the wrapping part of the present!
A skipping rope makes a great alternative to ribbon for a child's present.

Newspapers, maps and comics are a great stand in for traditional wrapping paper.

For more ideas, see here.

Jun. 8, 2009


I adore Fears and Kahn's vintage posters. I certainly will be adding these posters to my wish list. 


In making significant effort to keep things positive, here's a Her Space Holiday song I'd like to share. Photos via Swiss Miss.

Poster IX

Yep, it's Monday and I sure need this reminder. Poster available from Print Liberation.

Jun. 4, 2009

Stove II

I think there's a new contender for my 'must-have' stove - a Big Chill gas range (Big Chill also make my favourite fridge). The line of stoves was just released today online. Who would have thought major appliances could be so lust-worthy?

This blog will be on hiatus for a few days while I head to the coast. I'll provide a full update next week on how 'the meeting of the mothers' panned out and other adventures in British Columbia.

Jun. 3, 2009


It is quite clear to me that I love white walls - see here, here and here. This article from Maclean's, combined with significant endorsement from Canadian House and Home magazine and The Style Dept., has made it clear that the go-to white paint colour is Benjamin Moore Cloud White. I like barely there colours that allow accessories, like a cookbook propped on a counter, a cheerful poster or a fiesta wear vase, to take centre stage. I'm certainly inclined to try out Cloud White on my next painting adventure.

Photo via Design Inc.

Jun. 2, 2009

Poster VIII

It's been awhile, so I thought it fitting to post a new uplifting poster. I enjoy the use of a pants hanger for a frame; what a great option when you've got an irregular sized piece of art and splurging for a custom frame isn't in your budget. Poster for sale at Hijirik


Aren't these Jonathan Adler salt and pepper shakers adorable? I'm adding the Mr. and Mrs. Muse shakers to my dream china wish list. I love the idea of adding a comedic element to a fancy dinner party.

Road Trip

This week Greg and I have decided to plunge head first into planning our summer vacation. Our plan is to take a road trip from Edmonton to Vancouver Island. Greg grew up in Qualicum Beach and Victoria, so I am looking forward to checking out the places where he spent his early years.

As for specifics, we know the dates (June 26-July 12), definite pit stops (Calgary, Radium Hot Springs, Vancouver) and must-have meal locations (Shima on Denman in Vancouver for sushi and Bibo in Nelson to check out Culina's BC sister). We're mixing camping with hotels like the Empress in Victoria and on-the-beach hospitality suites like The Captain's Inn in Qualicum. I'm hoping to take in some hiking and campfires, the Calgary Stampede and Canada Day in Vancouver with the Robson Street festival and fireworks in Burrard Inlet. I'd also like to head to Seattle for a day trip if possible. Beyond these broad strokes, we're still in the planning phase.

Image via Sasuke GR.

Jun. 1, 2009


This weekend, while walking in the Saskatchewan River Valley, my mother, Greg and I noticed lilac trees in full bloom.  The flowering trees remind me of the large lilac behind our back fence at my family's home when I was a young child. The blooms look delightful cut and displayed in mason jars.  Welcome to Edmonton, lilacs!

Photo via The Eye


Two songs - this one and this one - that have always reminded me of each other.

Photo via Style Sightings.


Maybe I don't need my bangs trimmed afterall... even though they're hanging over my eyes. This girl makes messy, overgrown bangs look great.

Image via Backyard Bill via Cup of Jo.