Apr. 26, 2010


Finally, after searching high and low, last Monday, while on a work holiday, I found the perfect rehearsal dinner dress. Though visions of a short while dress danced in my head previously, I settled on a soft taupe dress covered in grey and pink sequins from Blank UK. It makes me feel like a bride... which was the challenge, as many dresses felt completely dinner party appropriate for every other occasion, but not a wedding. While I'm unable to find a photo of my exact dress online, the above snippet (the dress with the arrow pointing to it) from Elle via Blank's blog bears a striking resemblance. I'm quite pleased with the find (from August and Lotta Stockholm on Water). Now all that's left to decide is whether to wear blue heels or brown flats to complete the look.

Also related to the rehearsal and its accompanying party, we've booked my cousin (a fantastic chef!) to cater the dinner!

Apr. 25, 2010


I've never been one to collect things, but I grew up with a brother who collected dinosaurs, whales, beanie babies etc. so I am familiar with the concept. Not only am I not prone to collections, I've been making a concerted effort to cut down on the number of things I own (and by things I mean clothes). It makes dressing so much easier when you're not bound by piles of clothing that you rarely find whim or fancy to wear. That said, A Collection A Day, 2010 is a delightful photo diary of collections. I recommend checking it out.

Apr. 24, 2010

Glass House

This is my dream house [which I say because it is shockingly similar to this house that I designed]. It is a shame it is in Victoria, Australia. Via ArchDaily via Lace and Tea.

Apr. 23, 2010


Last night, my brother arrived home from studying abroad after being delayed in the UK for five days as a result of the Icelandic volcano. We're happy to have you home, Gary! Thank you for the lovely presents (the picture above is one of the beautiful AND striped sweaters that he gifted me). Now that he's back on this side of the pond, I have plenty of tasks to keep him occupied as my Man of Honour.

P.S. Less than one month until I become Mrs. Katie Clarke!

Apr. 22, 2010


On Tuesday evening, Greg, my mom and I attended Hot Soup, Cool Jazz at the St. John's Convention Centre. A fundraiser for at risk youth, local soup kitchens and gourmet restaurants shared their favourite offerings (we're talking curry seafood chowders, traditional miso soups, pureed butternut squash, and a fantastic potato, bacon and leek soup) in a competition to be judged by all attendees. A thoroughly enjoyable evening, complete with silent and live auctions and a jazz concert!, I highly recommend the fundraiser for St. John's residents about town.

As a bonus, the swaths of young lawyers, bankers and businesswomen at the event offered significant fashion inspiration for me!

P.S. The next time you find yourself at the Gypsy Tea Room, try the truffles. They're melt-in-your-mouth fantastic. Image via Purple Cloud.

Apr. 20, 2010


These skirts epitomize summer, to me. Pucci skirts spotted on SMP. I adore full bright skirts with simple white cotton t-shirts for summer.

Apr. 19, 2010


I love this mullet-styled wedding dress. Image via Style Me Pretty.

Apr. 18, 2010


I forgot about one of my favourite bands from undergrad - Brand New. How I forgot, I'm not sure, but I've been enjoying re-listening to some angsty tunes this afternoon. Image via Ryan Boyce.

Apr. 17, 2010


Arrangements similar to those of this surprise picnic wedding must make an appearance at a to-be-determined backyard soiree at our home this summer. Summer bbqs and backyard parties, complete with fruity punch, blue cheese hamburgers and Italian smokies topped high with honey mustard and basil ketchup, make me excited! Images via 100 Layer Cake.

Apr. 15, 2010


This little lady is completely excited that Club Monaco now offers online personal shopping! Image via Models.

Apr. 11, 2010


Last evening, before catching Date Night (hilarious! Tina Fey is fantastic), I happened upon two wishbone (ahem... knock off) chairs at Homesense. I am trying to determine where in our home the pair could be placed. I'd love to add a Danish flare to our happy abode. Images via Alvhem.

Apr. 10, 2010


The shots of this dressing room from this backyard wedding make me excited to spend time getting ready with my ladies on the morning of our wedding. We've got plans for a pancake brunch, inspired by this soiree, a salon appointment (I'm dreaming of a hairstyle along the lines of this bride... though for other wedding events I'm aiming to be able to style my own hair more along these lines) and then hopefully (I am on a quest to find a makeup artist at this point) a beauty consultation that sees me departing for the church with lush lashes like these (one can hope, no?). Image via Style Me Pretty.

Apr. 6, 2010


I love these Pepa Prieto dolls! They remind me of my favourite Alexander Girard dolls! Via Mint.


I was super excited to find this guide to Napa Valley today. What perfect timing for our honeymoon planning! Image via Julia Rothman via Design*Sponge.

Apr. 5, 2010


Two weekends ago, while shopping on Bloor Street in Toronto with my girlfriends, we embarked on a statement necklace hunt. My dearest Amy was searching for the perfect piece to complement a little black strapless cocktail number (p.s. love that idea and her style direction!). We happened upon a number of pieces of suitable jewelry, but none nearly as perfect as these necklaces by Elva Fields. I love chunky neck pieces and find it impossible to choose a favourite from amongst her wares. Delightful! All necklaces available here.


Spring has finally arrived in St. John's. We have crocuses in our mini front stoop flower bed!

Apr. 3, 2010

Ice Cream

These ice cream sandwiches would sure hit the spot on this sunny spring day. Recipe and photos at Twig & Thistle.

Apr. 2, 2010


It's Good Friday! Aren't mini bouquets in brown eggs a sweet way to celebrate Easter? We've planned to refrain from eating meat today by making lunch plans for fish and chips with family and sushi dinner plans with friends. Hope you're all enjoying the long weekend. Image via Design Sponge.

Apr. 1, 2010


This past weekend, Greg and I travelled to Toronto to celebrate the marriage of our dear friends MaryBeth (affectionately known as MB) and Adam (ahem Peter Adam... I mean Pierro Adamo). They're a heartachingly-lovely couple who match each other with their sweet demeanour. I couldn't think any more highly of them if I tried. They'll have a tender and compassionate life together - this is a certainty to me.

I've known MB since our days on Collingwood Street in Kingston. We were fast friends. We wore almost identical coats. We taught each other economics and statistics. We made pasta dinners together. People referred to us as twins sometimes (which I not-so-secretly loved). She and Adam were in love then, and his frequent trips to Kingston from Richmond Hill meant I had a ride to the large fancy grocery store every few weekends... needless to say, Adam was easy to like. I was ecstatic when he asked for her hand in marriage last March.

MB is a dear friend, and her wedding was Style Me Pretty fabulous. From the lavish location, to the centrepieces, to the extensive menu (think an antipasto bar.... chased by a pasta course... chased by chicken AND fillet mignon... chased by family-style passed desserts such as cheesecake lollipops and chocolate dipped strawberries... chased by cupcakes... chased by a crepe bar... chased by... wait for it... poutine served in mini Chinese take-away containers), the navy and soft pink affair was entirely them and was entirely delightful.

Did I mention that the bride was stunning? Like mouth-on-the-floor stunning? Yep, she was.

I had a fantastic time welcoming in the new Mr. and Mrs. Fazzari with our other dear friends Cheryl and Amy and Matt and his fiance Jen. Weekends away are fantastic and we should take them more often (particularly when they involve shopping sprees and delicious Turkish tapas). Cheryl, thank you for sharing your home with us. You're a fantastic host. Sisters, thank you once again for a memorable weekend and birthday celebration. I love you all and cannot wait to see you again soon. Photos via Cheryl and Greg.