Dec. 13, 2011


With a climate very similar to Scandinavia, I find myself bundling Thomas up in his snowsuit and foot muff, and taking him on long walks in his stroller in the cold at least a few afternoons a week as is so common there. We do a figure eight of our neighbourhood (which allows us to come home quickly at the halfway point if necessary), and end with a break at a local lunch stop. The whole venture takes us about one and a half hours. It's perfect!

How do you spend chilly days?

The one and only time Thomas has ever slept through the night was after a long night walk in the cold. I swear there's something to the Finnish Department of Labour's recommendation to let your babies nap outside in their pram. Our super cozy stroller seems like the perfect place to snooze. It also takes the social pressure off me that I'm feeling as Thomas loves to nap in his stroller outside, but hates to nap in his crib.


  1. same here - the few times HP slept through the night (like three times I think) it was after long walks outside in the afternoon! Hmmmm...

  2. It is such a relief to think we're not the only ones :) I think those Finns are on to something for sure!