Feb. 9, 2012


Have I mentioned that I know a circle of very fabulous moms? I'm talking women that run half marathons, mentor young girls through the Guiding movement and submit PhD dissertations while on maternity leave. Meanwhile, I'm just getting to a place where I can consistently do the dishes in a day while caring for my son.

This week, a few of us swapped valentines from our kids as mementos for memory boxes and scrapbooks. To my horror, I was the only mom with store-bought cards. All the others had beautifully handmade cards that clearly took a lot of time to construct. It was hard not to feel deflated (being competitive is one of my negative traits).

Upon reflection, I might never be a mom who seems to be able to find the time to make homemade valentines (I don't think I've made a homemade card since elementary school), but I have found a middle ground -- free DIY printable valentines! Here is a great roundup of free DIY printable valentines for personal use. Instructions for the Valentine above can be found at Alpha Mom.


  1. We loved our Eeyore valentine :)

    And trust me, I wouldn't have been making Valentine's when HP was at 5 months old. It has really only been the past couple of months that we've settled into a routine that allows for that ... more consistent naptimes and durations, more time spent sleeping at night. Up until then, if I got the dishes done and supper cooked, it was a fabulously productive day!