Feb. 7, 2012

Baby Goals

So, I have a list of things I'm working towards with Tom. I've always been someone whose functioned best with goals, and as we get closer to the six month mark I'm ever aware of the fact that I'm going back to work and baby T will gain some independence from me. To prepare, we're working towards:
  • Sleeping through the night -- I'm ever hopeful that some combination of solids, routine, and sleep training will get us there.
  • Greater love of and use of pumping -- Tom's always been a hungry boy, I attachment parent and feed on demand, we don't use a pacifier, we didn't introduce a bottle until about 2 months and then rarely used it, and I loathe pumping. All this amounts to a boy who isn't so keen on the bottle. I'm going to recommit to pump daily and ensure Greg gives the boy a bottle a day. This is vital to reaching my goal of breastfeeding after I return to work, and hopefully until Thomas is at least two, as I travel with my job fairly regularly and work long hours.
Do you have goals with your baby? I'd also like to get more of our naps happening in the crib, but I'm aiming for the two goals above first. All in time, right?

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