Feb. 8, 2012


Our yard is an adult space (think manicured bushes, pebble walkways and a slate patio, and no grass), so making our large two level patio as baby friendly as possible for Tom this summer. is a priority. Sure we have two lovely playgrounds (including one with an outdoor pool!) within 5 minutes walking distance of our home (yay for living in an urban neighbourhood)!, but we also want Tom to enjoy being closer to home occasionally.

The upper level of our deck, which is accessible by patio doors from our kitchen, will be the perfect space for the boy to play while we bbq, so we're going to buy a wooden gate system to make the space safe and outfit the deck with some weather resistant foam mats to prevent splinters and bumps.

I'd also like to hang a swing from the upper level of the patio so that it is accessible on the lower level (I love this baby swing!) and to buy a standing hammock for us to take naps in the shade together. This bench would also be the perfect cheerful addition to our space.

When Tom's older, I hope he has a tree house (but that's a plan for a larger home and a bigger yard). Do you dream about making changes to your outdoor living space now that you have a child?

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