Feb. 18, 2012

In the Dog House? A Solution!

Following an afternoon drive around town last Saturday, Greg stopped the car by the shop of the florist who did our wedding arrangements and said he had to run inside. He appeared a few moments later with a huge bouquet of flowers with a sweet Winnie the Pooh valentine attached that read "Something for you Valentine", To: Mommy, Love: T. Walter. I was beyond touched!

While I may have a beautiful arrangement of flowers in my dining room this Valentine's week, it wasn't always that way. In 2009, Greg 'surprised' me with a book on personal finance for Valentine's Day. While I'm someone who actually enjoys researching and buying mutual funds, and considering the pros and cons of putting my money in an Registered Retirement Savings Plan versus a Tax Free Savings Account, even I know that there's no way this gift could be spun as romantic. If you made a similar boo boo this past Tuesday, here is a surefire plan to get out of the dog house this weekend. The ingredients?
  • Make a dinner reservation for tonight - stat! We're actually celebrating Valentine's Day tonight (as I suspect others are as well) so you can, with some degree of credibility, convince your partner that you intended to celebrate tonight all along. If you can't find a reservation anywhere, plan to go to a nice lounge, like Bivver in St. John's, and have a cocktail and some appetizers.
  • Next, head to the mall or other shopping destination and buy your partner a new dress or jewelry or tie or shirt or sports jacket (some article of dressy clothing that you know they'll love). Set it out on their bed and when they walk in the room, announce your intentions to take them to dinner and your desire for them to wear said item on your date.
I hope this plan works for you! xo

Photo via Female Ways.

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