Feb. 29, 2012

10 Best Sets of Blocks

Tom's right on track with six month old benchmarks, so I decided to take a look at my toy roadmap to make sure that his playthings are developmentally appropriate. After looking at that previous post, I was pleasantly surprised that my research into the roadmap accurately predicted the toys Thomas is enjoying right now -- balls, household items, blocks, moving toys and cloth books (particularly this book). While we have a beautiful set of cloth blocks (lovingly made by Thomas's Granny based on these instructions), we don't have any wooden blocks yet (right now I'm staking the rings of a Melissa and Doug stacker to show him how to knock things over). SO naturally, I've been sleuthing the most beautiful wooden blocks available. My findings?

Blocks available from A/ B/ C/ D/ E / F/ G/ H/ I/ J/


  1. Today winners on stavanger had an aisle end of melissa and doug toys. Everything from blocks to puzzles. The one in the avalon mall also had red, wooden, retro style kithens on clearout! I'm a bit of a wooden toy lover too.