Feb. 21, 2012

Fun Toppings for Pancakes

Today's Shrove Tuesday, which is the perfect time to share some fun toppings, in addition to the always delicious maple syrup, if you're planning on indulging in pancakes for dinner or lunch (or both)!

Jams - I'll be serving pancakes topped with homemade bakeapple jam (have you ever had bakeapples? They're delicious!). You could also use raspberry, blueberry or strawberry jam, and if available, finish with a few fresh berries on top!

Icing Sugar - Simple and sweet, powdered sugar is delicious on pancakes.

Chocolate chips - A childhood favourite, these go great in the batter or melted on top. This is perfect if you're serving the pancakes as dessert instead of as a main course.

Lemon or Lime Juice - If you have a sour tooth, this would be perfect.

Fresh Peaches or Other Fruit - Fresh fruit is a perfect addition to whipped cream.

Greek Yoghurt - Everyone seems to be eating this now, so why not try it on some pancakes?

Nutella - Need I say more? Nom nom!

Photo of pancake stack by Girly Girl.

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