Sep. 4, 2010


Part of our love it or list it adventure is a reaction to our feeling that we don't have enough space. This seems silly given we're two people in 1300 square feet and my strong feeling that you should only own things that blend beauty and function, but it's all about planning ahead right?

I do very much love a closet purge. It feels great to pare down and know that you have only what you need and that you love everything you have. In recent years, I've stopped buying clothes that are on sale just because they are on sale, or just because a saleswoman says they are flattering. Needless to say, this has helped to keep our home's tiny closets from completely exploding at the seams.

Nonetheless, despite my vain attempts to live with less and celebrate the freedom in moving throughout life without clutter (Hoarders seriously gives me nightmares!), Huang Qinguin's photography project - where he photographs Chinese families outside their homes with all these possessions outside in front - makes me think I need to sell or donate many things that I own. Found via Mint.


  1. Time for our clothing swap - I am game for anytime come fall... :)

    I have started to re-think everything I buy and make a list of the ultimate items I 'need' versus 'want'... I've had some success, some! ;)

  2. Any TO shopping purchases? :)

    I am excited about the clothing swap, we should work on a plan when you return. xo