Jan. 23, 2012

Q: Will your children share a room?

I grew up with my own bedroom, but my little brother often slept in my room with me. We'd stay up late secretly listening to my mom chat on the phone or talking to each other. I knew friends who shared a room with a same-sex sibling though, which I thought (probably until my mid-teens) would be a lot of fun.

We presently have a three bedroom house, and use one of those rooms as a tv den (I adore retiring upstairs in the evening to our private family space, and being able to nap in bed and overhear Greg and Thomas playing next door in the den in the early mornings). If we have a second child and still live in our present home, we debate moving ourselves into the tiny nursery and giving our kids our master bedroom (which would have plenty of space for two single beds, dressers and play space). What are your sleeping arrangements?

Image via Apartment Therapy.

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