Jan. 9, 2012

How to: Eat Alone in a Restaurant

These days even getting a shower alone (meaning without a baby sitting outside the tub in a bouncy chair) sounds like a luxury, but there was a time when my work (due to travel) often saw me eating alone in restaurants. I admit, it did take time to gather the courage to go into an actual restaurant (instead of getting a quick bite to go or ordering in room service), but once you've done it, it becomes a freeing possibility -- being able to eat anywhere you choose, even if you're flying solo.

While I'm not quite back to work yet (another 8 months or so), I recently picked up two great tips on dining alone:

1. It must be done with intention. This means no texting or gazing at your phone. If you do this, you risk looking like you're waiting for someone to show up, and then when they don't arrive, you look like you've been stood up.

2. Look at it as an opportunity to have you senses heightened. Dining alone is the perfect opportunity to really savour the flavours of the meal you're enjoying since there's no one to distract you. Try something new and try to guess the ingredients. If you're stumped, perhaps the waitstaff will help enlighten you.

Painting via Carol Marine.

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