Jan. 23, 2012

How To: Mingle

I'm the worst at talking to strangers in a social or work setting. I clam up, get sweaty palms and never know what to say. Are you like that too?

However, I meet my now-husband at a conference (thankfully he's bold and never has any problem talking to anyone), which makes me realise that plunging into a conversation with a stranger or not might mean the difference between finding the love of your life or not!

When we first chatted, I felt awkward, but looking back he recalls nothing of the sort. The moral? Just do it -- introduce yourself with a line something like "Hi, I'm Katie, a co-worker of Elle's (the host), how do you know Elle?". Chances are the person you're chatting with doesn't perceive your feeling of awkwardness, and even if they do, they're very likely glad that someone struck up a conversation first to save them from hovering around the snack table (which really is awkward!). Image via The Dirty Apple.

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