Jan. 27, 2012

Local Business

This building has been vacant in downtown St. John's for years (post-reno). I'm so curious why something hasn't opened in it yet. The space looks amazing and the facade is so much fun! Image via Rebfoto.

Speaking of local business, Greg and I daydream about all sorts of businesses that we'd love to see in St. John's such as:
  • A casual and current men's clothing store that targets the young professional
  • More restaurants with patios and ocean views
  • A modern housewares and furniture store
  • An antique shop focusing on mid-century modern pieces
  • A true diner
  • A blowout salon
Do you think about the same? What businesses would you like to see open in our community?


  1. A thai restaurant. I miss thai food :( Alternatively, a Chinatown-style chinese restaurant, with the roasted animals hanging in the window (for those of you familiar with Toronto, think King's Noodle).

  2. A dinner with old books and an old juke box? And a space dedicated to sewing and knitting (a "couture-café" like we say in French)... I'm just saying