Jan. 21, 2012

Q: Suggestions For New Pizza Toppings?

Every weekend (including tonight), Greg and I make pita shell pizzas with an expected roster of vegetables, cheese and meat (peppers, mushroom, parmesan and pepperoni). However, we recently started ordering a takeaway pizza with pear and onion compote from our neighbourhood pizza shop - Pi - and now we're addicted. I now want to try other new pizza toppings, like grapes, leek and toasted walnuts. I'd love to hear your tips on fun, new pizza toppings to add new colour to our routine! xo Image via A Life of Beauty and Grace.


  1. try a wing-inspired combo: spicy bbq sauce + chicken + blue cheese. Mmmmm.

    1. Sounds delicious. Thanks for the tip, Colleen.

  2. Jamie Oliver does some cool stuff in Season 1 Episode 13 (I think) - there was even one where he cracked an egg over the toppings!

    Otherwise, I'm a big fan of arugula, basil, chorzio and artichoke.

  3. Sounds yummy, Matt -- thank you. I'm excited to try artichoke on the pizza, and am now a huge lover of chorizo after having it in a chicken and chorizo empanada at Rocket.