Jan. 25, 2012

New Parent Must Haves

As Thomas approaches six months (gasp!), I look around his nursery and our home, and am surprised by the things that I find infinitely useful (jumperoo purchased second hand on the cheap) and useless (no scratch mittens that never fit my son's big hands). I am always thinking about how we can pare down our baby gear, while also ensuring that we're prepared for every stage that's to come. It's a challenge simultaneously wanting to always be prepared AND keep my possessions to a minimum. Like many new moms, I love momfilter. Of course, they had this great post on the one (or two) item(s) that parents cannot live without. What is your must have for raising a baby? It's random, but I couldn't live without Sir Bubbadoo Burping Cloths. Seriously. As someone with an abundant supply (aka leakage issues), disdain for wearing a bra to bed (the horror!), and a boy who loves to feed in bed at night, these cloths are the perfect replacement for nursing pads. I think they should be on every breastfeeding mom's must have list.

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