Nov. 2, 2010


Right now, there are plenty of reasons for St. John's residents to be excited. I'm particularly pleased with the following developments:

1. The Possibility of a Good Burger - Hopefully sometime soon, Greg and I will have a chance to check out Basic Burger Joint, which is set to open in the former Mustang Sally's. Greg's always on the hunt for a delicious burger, and I adore homemade fries. Apparently, the restaurant will only be open for five weeks, at first, to test the waters. Here's to hoping the fare is good enough to warrant sticking around. St. John's sure needs a burger replacement with the closing of Folly last week. Image via Dublin.

2. The Possibility of Recycling Glass - With the long-desired emergence of public curbside recycling has come a decision to not collect glass and plastic bags. Atlantic Blue is stepping up (for $5 a month) to collect those glass bottles that the city has prohibited from its program.

3. The Possibility of Great Pizza - Piatto Pizzaria and Enocteca is now open. Dining there is on my to-do list. For more thoughts on local pizza, check out this blog.

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