Apr. 4, 2011


I adore the illustrations of Lois Ehlert (of Chicka Chicka Boom Boom fame). Do you have a favourite illustrator?


  1. I have many (being an illustrator myself, hehe!) One of my faves is Sven Nordqvist, a Swedish children's illustrator. I can stare at his images for hours, they are so detailed and full of fun surprising little happenings that make you smile. :-) Heres an image for example: http://radiogodis.se/Img/1983a.jpg

    Sorry we couldn't see you before we left! Hope all is well back in the city. If you are ever in Gros morne give us a shout. :-)

  2. Thanks for sharing, Lori-Lee! Sven's work really does capture you huh? There's so much to take in!

    I hope you're settling in nicely to life on the west coast. I am sure we will see you soon. Greg and I have been meaning to take a trip to Gros Morne (he loves mountains... being a BC boy and all) so we'll be sure to meet up when we do. :) xo

  3. P.S. Your bangs are super cute!

  4. Aww thanks Katie! Lots of new things this year and to come hopefully! You can say the same!! Wow! Congrats on the baby boy, thats so incredibly exciting! So very happy for you both. :-D