Aug. 11, 2011


Since becoming pregnant, my once narrow size 9 feet (we're talking AA) have become a 10 wide (a C!). Seriously. While I'm sure the wide factor will be a figment of the past post-delivery (as it is a by-product of swelling - sexy, huh?), the 10 has the possibility of sticking around. If this is the case, I'll need to invest in a few new pairs of shoes for fall. At the top of my wish list? Horizontal striped flats.


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  2. Hi Katie! Somehow I found your blog and connected the name with a customer's name:)?! And figured out I was right! We are now following you! Good luck as it looks like you are due soon! I'm due at the beginning of October and it can't come fast enough.....

  3. Hi Katie,

    What a small world- yes, you have the right Katie/Horizontal Stripes! :)

    Thanks - 9 days and counting...

    Best wishes for the remainder of your third trimester! xo


  4. Hi Katie,

    P.S. I've given you a shout out (actually did this before we connected via blogger) under "Favourite Baby Products".