Aug. 24, 2011


Our little family grew by one last Thursday evening. At 7:35 pm, Greg and I welcomed our sweet son, Thomas Walter - a 8 lbs 7 oz bundle of joy - six days early. Over the past six days, we've been taking time to bond as a family - lots of skin-to-skin contact, story time and monologues spoken to him by each of us about any number of topics regarding our life together, our home and our family. It's been a blissful, dreamy and sleepy few days.

Welcome Thomas. We love you with everything we have. The world has never known someone exactly like you, and we're blessed to be your parents. xo


  1. Waiting for these pics! Congrats and all the best!

  2. Thanks Karen :) All the best with your journey into motherhood as well! xo