Aug. 7, 2011

Real Estate

MLS troweling is a shared hobby at our house. Though we've bought two homes in two years, we continue to take a peak at what's available in our neighbourhood on an almost weekly (um, daily) basis. In 2009, we bought a home in the spring and in 2010, we bought a home in the fall. However, after paying close attention, it seems summer is most definitely the time to buy, if you're looking for volume (meaning having lots of homes to choose from). There are so many great homes available in our broad neighbourhood right now at a wide variety of price points. Thankfully, we're smitten with our own house, so we're not looking to change up any time soon, but that doesn't mean we don't like to keep an eye on comparable (and step up!) properties in our town. All images above of houses presently available within walking distance of our current home.

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