Jun. 21, 2011


One of the elements of being a mother that hadn't occurred to me before conceiving was baby-wearing. Of course I'd seen parents with backpack carriers on hiking trails and with Baby Bjorns at the mall, but beyond casually observing such gadgets I hadn't thought about the closeness that such modes of 'transportation' provide for baby. The more I think about it, the more excited I become about the prospect of 'wearing' our son around town. Given we enjoy hiking, we'll likely splurge for an Ergo baby carrier (or the like) for use by dad and mom, but I'm also enjoying the options of Sakura Bloom for a little post-baby glamour. Image via Carry Me Away.


  1. The Ergo carriers are adorable!

    I also really like the cloth wraps that are out there. I have a friend who is a sewing genius and I've already said that when I'm pregnant, I really want her to sew a wrap that she's made for a few moms and herself. They cocoon your baby and are very comfy. The true test was when we went to the One of a Kind Show in Toronto a few years back. She was able to talk around for hours on end while her 18 month old slept away in the wrap. It was almost like a little bird's cage the way it kept her daughter sheltered away from the busy crowds.

    I think comfort will be a priority and if there's a need to invest in something a little higher in price, the added dollars will be worth it.

  2. Agreed Virginia. I've been reading lots about the Ergo, and they come highly recommended. Greg and I actually saw a sweet boy in one last weekend while hiking the East Coast Trail. At that point I was sold!

    I also like the idea of having a more rugged one like the Ergo for trails, and then a soft one for less treacherous terrain (like milling about a One of a Kind Show)!