Jun. 25, 2011


The musing about a diaper bag continues. Part of me finds it hard to commit to one bag (one bag, you mean like one pair of shoes?!), while another part of me thinks that streamlining getting out the door is a great goal and a diaper bag (that you don't have to always pack and unpack) would be of great assistance in achieving such.

Here's the problem - I have a weak spot in my back. This makes carrying an "across the body" bag next to impossible. The last thing I want is to be laid up with a bad back a few weeks after baby is born (literally, I'm talking about not being able to walk). Backpacks seem like a sensible solution - but don't seem formal enough for every occasion. At this moment, I'm thinking that a Baggu daypack with some Baggu zipper packs would be a great (and affordable and compact) option for heading to the park, while a Baggu duck bag would be perfect for lunch out or a shopping adventure.

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