Jun. 16, 2011


The current internal debate in my head (and sometimes external debate at our house) is around the necessity for a diaper bag. I have plenty of large satchels that seem to fit the bill with the addition of a changing pad. In fact, while I was studying in the UK many years ago, I purchased a fantastic large red bag from French Connection, and my roommate remarked at the time that it would make a perfect diaper bag. When I look into the top of my closet these days and catch it out of the corner of my eye, I can't help but think she was right. Having retired it from daily use a few years back, being a diaper bag might be just the trick to breathe new life into that piece.

I'm also considering the need for a bag that works for both mom and dad. With that criteria in mind, there's a clear choice - the Journey Pack from the Scout collection at Petunia Pickle Bottom. Isn't it great?

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