Apr. 4, 2011


Please know that I've been bursting (bursting!) to tell you, but finally now is the perfect time to announce that Greg and I are expecting our first child! In late summer, a bouncing baby will be coming home to Circular; I'm half way to our due date of August 24. We cannot wait to welcome our sweet baby boy (yes, we found out on my birthday that we're expecting a little boy) and show him all the love, care and support in the world. I hope you'll join me here on Horizontal Stripes for the second half of our journey into parenthood. xo


  1. Some cute!!! (You and baby!).

    Thanks for the plant. Wanna give me some gardening tips? :)


  2. Congrats a thousand times over!

  3. Yahoo!!! Can hardly wait. Love the pic!!! You look awesome!! Much Love, Ann and Dad xoxo