Jul. 30, 2012

Musings on Having a Second Child

When Thomas was three weeks old, I ended up in the emergency room (for what turned out to be very minor issue), but at the time, I was a bag of stress. Stressed that our baby was spending the night in an emergency room while he slept in his bassinet. Stressed that I was awake ALL NIGHT waiting to see a Doctor, which meant that my sleep deficit was growing, and I knew I couldn't recover with a restful sleep the next night (or even day) because I had a 3 week old to tend to. When I finally was admitted, and saw a nurse, she asked me about Thomas. I gushed, as all new moms would, and she said "I bet you can't imagine having a second child, but let me tell you, as this little guy hits his first birthday you'll forget about the sleepless nights and will start to think about the possibility of having a second child." 

I thought she was nuts. 

I was never having a second child. I was never being pregnant again. I could do another labour (I thought that was the easy part), but the whole production of getting to that point (a three week old) seemed exhausting. I wasn't keen to sign up again, and I have to say I felt the same way until a few weeks ago. 

As Thomas nears his first birthday, he laughs with us at the dinner table. The three of us share a grilled cheese sandwich together while playing on a Saturday evening. Thomas wakes up between us in the morning cooing and clapping his hands. In a way we have never really been before, the three of us are a family. We feel like three individual people, as opposed to two people and a baby. It's been the most remarkable feeling. 

Though we have no plans for a second child in the near future, the possibility is exciting.

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