Apr. 14, 2012

Our Playroom: The Reveal

At long last, we put the finishing touches on Thomas' playroom yesterday afternoon. Our timing couldn't have been any more perfect because he's just started actually crawling. I feel so fortunate to have a space dedicated to play for our little man, and it's a stress reliever knowing the room is baby proof (or at least so I think!).

Floor squares - Walmart
Solair Chairs - Studio Pazo
All picture frames - Michaels
Teepee - Mozzlehome (confetti painted by hand by me)
Artwork - Mrs. Eliot Books and Retro Menagerie
Clock - Dominion
Growth Chart - Indigo (thanks Virginia!)
Artwork Hanging Wire - Ikea
Hanging Artwork - Vintage Tintin Post Cards and Lagom Design
Pillow - Ikea (no longer available)
Toddle Truck - Ikea
Storage Bins - Dominion

1 comment:

  1. This is such a fun looking playroom, the teepee is so cute!