Mar. 21, 2012

Wear to Work Dresses: Which to Buy?

After a little visit to our office today (yes, my husband and I work for the same entity, though not on purpose!), I'm thinking about work wear and am tossing around the idea of buying myself a birthday dress that's also work appropriate. I've been searching for something special (I have tonnes of black and grey shift and suiting dresses in my wardrobe already). Here are some of my favourites. I'd love your thoughts on which to choose! xo

P.S. Many thanks to friends who sent recommendations on where to shop. I've found some beautiful dresses at your suggestions! xo


  1. All great choices, but my vote is for the Topshop Tuck Neck Shift Dress.

  2. Great picks... close call for me between the FC tunic and the Azra Cicely ... but the Azra won out, mostly as it would be awesome for disguising any lingering baby weight around the middle (not that you have to worry about that!).