Dec. 6, 2011


This little man wrote his first letter to Santa Claus. Curious to read?

Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas to you, Mrs. Clause and the elves.

I hope it is ok that I call you Santa. My Japanese cousin Kira tells me that your name is Hoteiosho. My Italian cousin Izzy tells me that your name is Babbo Natale. My French cousin Ceona tells me that your name is Pére Nöel. My Daddy, when speaking to me in German, tells me that your name is Weihnachtsman. I’ve also heard you called St. Nicholas, Father Christmas and Kris Kringle on the radio. I thought I had a lot of names – Thomas, Thomas Walter, TW, Tom, Tommy, Tom Tom, Timund, Tienike, Teemonica, Won Yeung Tee, Angel Boy, the Littlest Sweet Pea, and Chicklet!

I’m very excited to celebrate my first Christmas with my family. Over the past few days they have been bringing me up to speed on the meaning and celebration of Christmas. Having just joined the Christian church formally last week, I have to say hearing all about Christmas is a pretty exciting welcoming.

I’m looking forward to celebrating the birth of Baby Jesus by gazing at all the twinkle lights on lamp posts and house eaves, listening to carols, dressing up in festive colours for my play dates with my friends Gabby, Rebecca, Robert, Hudson and Jude, and supervising my family’s decorating of our tree.

My Mommy tells me it is customary to write you with some ideas for presents for you to bring down our chimney for me. This sounds so generous to me so I want to thank you in advance.

When you’re working in your shop, I would really like it if you could please set aside some colourful board books for me to read with my Daddy, soft woolen toys to cuddle with in my lounger and some wooden clutching toys and rattles for me to play with my Mommy. Thank you for thinking of me. Mostly, however, I hope you set aside some toys, warm clothes and food for all the people who go without throughout the year. I like to bring pasta, soup and beans to the food bank in my neighbourhood to do my part, so I’d really appreciate it if you could make a donation there too.

I am sure you’re getting tired with all your preparations for the big show on Christmas Eve. I hope you have a long nap planned to recuperate on Boxing Day. I like to nap every morning in my Mommy’s arms so perhaps that will help you recharge as well.

Santa, it was lovely to meet you at the downtown parade on Sunday in your fancy float, and I’m excited to meet the main man – Baby Jesus – at our nativity pageant on Christmas Eve. I’m going to invite Baby Jesus over for a play date so he can mingle with my friends. I also think he’ll enjoy playing on my baby gym. I’ll also make sure I give Mommy time to bake you some gingerbread cookies to munch on when you stop at our house. I can’t attest to how they’ll taste though since I’ve only ever eaten breast milk and vitamin D drops. You’ll know it is our house because we have a bright yellow door. I’ll be the baby sleeping through the night upstairs in my crib.

Love your new friend,


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