Nov. 7, 2011


Greg's paternal family is Francophone, which enhances my desire to ensure that our son is fluent in both of Canada's official languages. I can attest personally to the difficulty that many unilingual people experience in trying to grasp a second language later in life when they've had limited exposure to the language (aside from memorizing the endings to er, re, and ir verbs) early in life. While I know that there are many things I could be doing to make Thomas keenly aware of French at this time, I'm not exactly sure where to begin. I'd like to create a home where listening to French radio, chatting with Greg casually in French while making dinner, and reading French story books are common occurrences. Any tips on introducing your child to a second language when you're far from fluent in it yourself? So far we're principally introducing Thomas to new cultures and languages though Wee Sing global lullabies (thank you for the cds MIL). Images via Little Circus.

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