Jul. 17, 2011


One of the first things we discussed as soon-to-be-parents was whether or not we would co-sleep, sleep with baby in our room or try to start baby off in his crib as soon as possible.

We ultimately decided to begin with baby in our room so we're using a bassinet that also clips into our stroller. We'll keep it on the floor close to our bed to facilitate night feedings. One of the things I like most about this decision is that baby will be used to sleeping in this particular unit, which will make traveling with it and using it with the stroller easier (hopefully!).

The trouble with bassinets is that they're often used for such short periods of time that their cost might seem difficult to justify, particularly for a beautiful modern bassinet like a Hushamok or a Nest Bassinet. For those of you looking for a different sort of stroller system, the EcoCradle might be the perfect option. I love that it can be decorated by you or older children, and recycled when no longer needed!

If you're looking for a 'reuse' option there are plenty of bassinets for sale locally from parents with gently used units.

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