May 5, 2011

Toy Chests

While there are so many fun, educational and colourful toy options out there to amuse baby, I am reluctant to accept that our now tidy home will be strewn with toys in a few short months. My first brainstormed solution to curb this anticipated clutter is to keep small toy chests/bins/baskets in our den, nursery and living room. This will allow us to sweep up the toys and stash them away with a moment's notice. It also ensures that there's always something fun available to occupy the baby no matter where in our house we're hanging out (with a three-story town home I'm reluctant to hike stairs all day with a newborn in my arms). Enter the Ruuturouva Basket from Marimekko for Crate & Barrel and you have the perfect storage unit for our den (or maybe the nursery). It's on my wish list.

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